19 June 2013

Changes for Urban Myth (Goodwood Institute)

Of interest in this week's Eastern Courier from John Stokes. Sounds like it might be worth going to see some of the upcoming performances. URBAN Myth Theatre artistic director Glenn Hayden wants Goodwood Rd to be Adelaide’s Broadway. Well, little Broadway at least. The company has received a $30,000 interest-free loan from Unley Council to finish an upgrade of the Goodwood Institute. It will mean the Goodwood Institute is a very, very well serviced, professional standard venue for South Australia,’’ Mr Hayden said. The dream is, because we’re opposite the Capri, I really want people to look down Goodwood Rd and say it’s our little Broadway.’’ The cash will go towards a fire-proof curtain, light rigs and ensuring the 200-seat theatre meets health and safety standards and is able to bring high profile shows to Unley. We’ve got some healthy bookings for next year if the upgrades are done,’’ Mr Hayden said. We can’t announce them yet, but there’s going to be some wonderful surprises.’’ Urban Myth and its landlord have pumped more than $200,000 into the theatre. Unley Councillor Peter Hughes said Urban Myth was an outstanding group’’ and the district would benefit from the cultural tourism the theatre attracted. The loan will be paid back over 5 years.

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