14 June 2013

Community Advisory Group 12th June

After missing the last meeting I was looking forward to some updates.  Some of the matters discussed were
  • The continued poor parking choices of DPTI employees, although a number of fines have been issued and this seems to be making a difference.
  • David Bartlett has at last taken responsibility for both the Greenways and Electrification projects
  • Street meetings will be held in the near future to discuss planting and fencing issues.
  • Cowper  Rd mast has been moved from the centre of the street to a position east of this.
  • The trains will start arriving in South Australia from the 24th June, they will arrive in 3 car sets. As they will be delivered to Seaford we will not see them until they run on the tracks,
  • While the trains will be running on the 15th September, full electrification will not occur until Feb 2014, only then will you know if the are actually quieter.
  • Cranbrook residents will be offered several deisn solutions to the gate, screening and landscaping
  • If you think your house is being damaged by vibration then let DPTI know now so they have a record of it. take lots of photographs and request a dilapidation survey
  • All damage caused by DPTI to streets will be repaired at their expense.
Issues still exist regarding  a sound wall in Lyons Parade.

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