01 June 2013

DPTI Works and Parking Fines

This has been a matter of contention for sometime with residents. Originally we were told that all workers would be required to park at the showgrounds and walk to the worksite. That directive seemed to be lost in about the first 2 minutes of work commencing. Council has been deploying the ranger to several ares to issue fines to persons parked illegally. However, so far only two fines have been issued. One of the problems is that DPTI put are their own no parking signs (which have no legal effect) and then blatantly ignore them. In one street last Sunday at least 3 DPTI trucks were parked in front of their own signs. From this weekend this has changed and they will be booked, but so will residents if they are also parked illegally.


  1. Jennie, you made reference to work men. I'm surprised at this gender slip up. You should have said workers. I've seen women driving DPTI vehicles.

  2. My apologies and certainly an oversight. I've changed it.