29 June 2013

Getting to school safely.

Finding it difficult to ensure that the kids get to school? Unley Council is currently undertaking a survey with school communities to identify barriers and/or opportunitieis to riding and walking to schools in the council area. If your child attends one of the local schools then make sure you have your say. For residents in Black Forest and Millswood this is the time to reinforce the need for a pedestrian refuge in East Ave, ask for an overpass on South Rd near BFPS and additional crossing points on Forest Ave. Maybe another chance also to reiterate the need got a safe crossing on either side of Victoria St and Leader St at the level xings ( DPTI only intend to replace one at each crossing). Closing date for replies is July 26. For further information please contact Traffic Engineer Satyen Gandhi on 83725111, or by email to pobox1@unley.sa.gov.au

1 comment:

  1. there is a need for a school crossing around parkside primary on young st - the traffic there is terrible!