01 June 2013

June Update 2013

The following should be of interest;

  • DPTI have at last approved a 40km speed limit on King William Rd from Mary St to Mitchell St. This should make the shopping environment safer
  • The arrows at the corner of Mitchell St and King William Rd  will revert to their old markings in the near future. This means the southern lane will again allow a directly western movement.
  • Aroha Tce residents have been again asked to comment tree removals after the Development assessment Panel approved the removal of the 2 significant trees that are failing. The trees are now marked with a white dot. It is the intention of Council to replace with like species where possible.
  • Frederick St is about to have significant repairs to the kerb and water table, the early works are now evident
  • Graham Ave has also been inspected and will have some kerb and water table changes before Meredyth Ave is resealed.
  • Princess Margaret Playground has reopened, work to repair the arbor is still pending but now funded and approved.
  • The LATM process is continuing. The consultant was happy with the volumes of traffic in each street and will now work with Council and DPTI to ensure all works on Canterbury Tce are integrated, that bicycle movements are allowed for, the ideal location for the pedestrian refuge (or narrowing of East Ave) and the best treatment for Byron Rd.
  • A reminder that you must book your yearly hard waste collection and that the wait is currently over 6 weeks. Also the year is not a financial year but anyone year a matter that needs to be clarified by staff.

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