06 June 2013

Library Events of Interest

We’d love to see you at some of the events we have scheduled in the upcoming months. 

  • June
-          8th Detox your home – workshop
-          8th Marketing on a shoestring budget – workshop
-          Author event - 24th Hannah Kent – Burial Rites
-          Author event - 28th Robin de Crespigny – The People Smuggler
  • July
-          Author event - 7th Book launch for Ragini Dey, The Spice Kitchen
  • October
-          Author event - 10th Bronnie Masefau – Inspiring Through Creative Design
  • November
-          2nd – 4th Unley Libraries Festival – Cook it. Grow it. Make it.
-          Author event - 29th Dr Karl Kruszelnicki (to be confirmed)

We are also running:
-          Travel Talk, a program for the intrepid traveller with hints and tips of how to get around different cities when travelling overseas
-          Conversations, a program for community members for who English is a second language
And a new program:

-          Topical Tuesday, a program for retirees with guest speakers on topics of interest ranging from Wills, Seniors Information Service, Volunteering in your local community ……

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