26 June 2013

Road Pricing

On my travels recently I Read an interesting article in the St John's newspaper. The article was on road pricing in Stockholm and how the government there had managed to convince the commuters that paying a toll for road use was a good idea. The article was applying the context to Montreal. But it made me wonder if thinking outside the square might be a solution worth thinking about. If charging for the use of a particular section of road can gain 70% support after a trial then is it worth a try? The aim being to keep commuter traffic on South Road and Glen Osmond Rd we ( probably state government) could charge to use Unley Rd, Goodwood Rd, etc for all but local traffic and make everyone happy. This reduced the use of tolled roads by 20% so people were happy to pay to use them. To make this work , of course, the government must have a good public transport system that is a viable alternative. Any thoughts!

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