27 July 2013

Black Forest LATM Responses

After the two meetings this week on this matter that residents were invited to attend many residents have added their views to the draft Local Area Traffic Management plan. I encourage you to have your say on this one in writing to the Council. There seems to be little support for the one way traffic proposal for Canterbury Tce with fears that it will be more difficult for residents to came and go and that traffic will be diverted to Coulter Ave and Fairmont Ave. The consultants made the recommendation for a one way street to, in their opinion, make the street safer for an influx of cyclists that it is anticipated will use the Greenways path. There is enough room in Canterbury to have 2 way traffic and cyclists but only if the dying ash trees are removed and not replaced (East Ave to Fairmont). Is it possible that some good/innovative street art could also look attractive? So please have your say so Council can get it right.


  1. The response to this has been enormous. Thanks Rob for letter boxing the local area and getting people to understand just how important it is to respond to consultation especially if there is something in the proposal not to their liking. I am yet to see one response in favour of one way traffic in Canterbury Tce.

  2. You have until August 7th to return your feedback to Council. Please take the time to do this. I have forwarded emails sent to me if they were not already copied to staff.