22 July 2013

Cancer Council ramps it up

I received with my junk mail today an invitation to send a message to our Premier, Jay Weatherill. As it headed toward the recycling with the rest of the stuff I realised this was actually of interest. The Cancer Council is asking for everyone to send on the post card. The matter of concern is the matter of cigarette smoking in outdoor dining areas. In May 2011 the then Health Minister, John Hill, promised that all alfresco eating and drinking areas would be smoke free by 2016. At this time no legislation has been introduced to the parliament to ensure that promise is kept. After returning to Australia on Saturday after 6 weeks in the USA and Canada it would seem that both of these countries are now well ahead of us in the protection of workers from the dangers of cigarette smoke, not once did I cough or sneeze when someone lit up at the next table, it was wonderful. When you get your postcard please send it on, if it makes a difference the effort will be worthwhile.

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