23 July 2013

Full Council Meeting: July 22nd 2013

This Agenda generated a lot of discussion on a number of issues;
There were three deputations, one regarding parking permits, one regarding sponsorship for the fashion event on King William Rd and the other supporting the  Where Business Meets Youth initiative.
  • Ron Young Policy Review; there were minor changes to be made to this to reflect that the Community and Culture Committee would recommend the suitable applicants.
  • Lease 41 Oxford Tce by Kirinari School; while I supported this I am not keen on seeing leases come to Council where lessors attempt to reduce the rate by claiming they only need it during the day, etc. In this case the area is fenced to prevent children getting out and this fence would be just as effective in stopping members of the public from getting in!
  • Megaswim Fundraising; this event is now well established, Council voted to continue to fund for another 2 years and to reduce entry fees for swimmers to zero.
  • Agreement for use of the pool by the Unley Amateur Swimming Club; this was regarding of lane hiring to allow for swimming practice.
  • Kaurna Indigenous Land Use Agreement; the Kaurna people have spent much time in developing an agreement about the use and management of land and waters between those who hold, or may hold native title in the area and other people , organisations or governments. it is hoped that 27 Councils will sign up for this agreement. However, if you attended the meeting you would have seen Council at it's worst. The debate lasted for well over an hour, was unfocused and much of the questioning irrelevant or time wasting. In the end Cr Hudson was asked to leave the chamber as the Mayor deemed his behavior to be unacceptable. The motion passed by 1 vote.
  • Review of the Decision Making Regarding the Pedestrian Refuge on King William Rd; Although the consultant found some errors in the process it supported the decision made. However, Cr Koumi moved for the crossing to be located further to the north. As this was effectively a rescission motion it could not be accepted and the matter was deferred to the next meeting.
  • Smart Energy Possibilities; Council have discussed alternate methods of providing street lighting. The first step in getting a workable plan is to do an audit of the existing infrastructure. This was approved. This is an exciting initiative and could save many thousands of dollars over time.
  • Kerbside Waste and Recycling Collection; Council has decided not to become a member of East Waste
  • Strategic Land Acquisition; From time to time vacant blocks of land are available that could be developed as parks. Council does not have a strategy or budget to manage this or to prioritise purchases. This asked for an approval to instruct staff to develop such a strategy.
  • Centennial Park Operating Budget ( Confidential)


  1. Jennie
    I am disappointed that prior to taking a vote, Unley council did not bother consulting the community about the Kaurna Land Agreement. Given that Council's decision is binding on all residential properties, surely as a matter of decency there should have been some consultation.

  2. Sorry John, I just hadn't checked for comments. No native title claims can be lodged for privately owned land. However, I will seek a more in depth answer from staff.

  3. Hope the answer below is in sufficient depth and alleviates any fear you might have had?

    Local Government/Kaurna ILUA does not bind residential properties or property owners. It only binds the parties to the agreement – the Unley Council and other Participating Councils and the two representative Kaurna bodies. Given that individual residents and other stakeholders are not bound, or directly affected, by the ILUA, public consultation was not appropriate.

  4. Hi Jennie,
    I work at the school and was part of the negotiations for the lease. I would just like to mention that the 'shared space' idea to reduce the rent was actually suggested by the Unley Council employee who was negotiating the lease with us.

    Also speaking as a parent of a young child, many people with children wanting to use the area as a play space would actually be appreciative of it being fenced as the playground on the oval across the road is not.

    All the best,

  5. Thankyou, the issue is only that at the present time the gate to Oxford St is locked. It is also true that staff negotiating in good faith may offer a deal that is not supported by Council.