31 July 2013

Infrastructure and Capital Projects Committee

The Infrastructure and capitals Project met on the 9th July.
The following items were on the Agenda

There was much discussion including valuable input for the Independent members. the CAR has now been chogging along for a frustrating length of time. However, it is important to get the framework right so that what follows is logical, affordable and equitable.
Trying to find m car park on King William Rd can be tricky at times so if Council can gain more car parks by relining at least one of the existing parks ( Boffa St) then this should go ahead. As one member stated you can always get a park it's about knowing where they are.
The waste Management Strategy was very informative and left few gaps, although some members wanted more information on the financial aspects of waste collection.The data in the report was compelling See below). Over half of what we  (collectively) put in our blue bins is food waste.This should be composted or bagged and put in the green waste bin.The challenge for Council is to ensure that our new contract, from late 2014, includes incentives for residents to reduce waste and cut Council's costs while still being profitable for the preferred contractor.

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