06 July 2013

July Update 2013

  • Many of the solutions that residents have been working with/lobbying for with DPTI are now looking as though they might be resolved; not to the satisfaction of everyone but with some compromise on both sides. Unfortunately DPTI have not treated people well or often considered that their opinion should be considered in the planning process. 
  •  There will be an additional Council meeting in July to get through additional business. As I can't attend this I have requested that the Unley Oval Masterplan recommendations be held over until the scheduled meeting later in July. I believe this should be decided by all members. Not that at this stage it will require additional budget allocation (it was always intended to be developed with grant funding if and when available)it's just that I want to have my say. 
  • Canterbury and Parker Tce should be consulted soon about the options for revegetation. Plans may also include making Canterbury Tce left turn in only to allow for additional cycling and pedestrian safety.
  • Residents are concerned about traffic in Mitchell St following the implementation of the slower speeds on Goodwood Rd.
  • Residents are also concerned that some of the trees in Frederick St may have been damaged by the new kerbing.

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