06 July 2013

Millswood Station

A small group of people are now working on the feasibility of re-opening Millswood Station. This has been on the back burner for all of this Council term and the committee of Council disbanded. However, I have heard that after the changes made by DPTI through the Goodwood Junction project this is now at least a possibility that may be worth lobbying for. Interest has been expressed by  Stephen Key, David Pisoni and Mark Parnell. At this point in time the group is only looking at feasibility, that is does the infrastructure allow for this? Given that one of the restraints of the current Belair Line was that services could only be offered at 30 minute intervals  has now been debunked with the soon to be operating 15 minute schedule it would seem anything could be true.
What are your thoughts?

1 comment:

  1. Jennie please fight to get the Millswood station reopened. The timing is right this time. DPTI must buckle and give us what we want.