13 July 2013

Node meetings about to occur

Many of you have been waiting for the meetings to discuss landscaping opportunities along the new bikeway. Residents will be letter boxed this week regarding a meeting July 18th for Cromer Pde and July 25th for Canterbury and Parker  Tces. Please take the time to fill out the attached form and send it to Council or attend the meetings. While landscaping will be discussed so also will be the opportunity for public art to enliven some of the spaces. Meetings will be attended by both Council Staff and DPTI. I understand that the throw screens were discussed at the most recent CommunityAdvisory  Group meeting and that those present were happy with the suggestions presented.

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  1. As well an opportunity has been offered for these residents to meet with Trevor Stein and DPTI staff on Wednesday 24th July 2013 at the Clarence Park Community Centre between 4.00pm and 6.00pm.