05 July 2013

Ridge Park aquifer recharge completed

The following appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald last week. It is good to see that this project has been completed by Unley. This is the start of many projects that will also help to reduce the chance of flooding downstream. Well worth taking a look if you have time, it's just off Glen Osmond Rd.
 The City of Unley in Adelaide will save up to 98 million litres of drinkable water per year and have more secure, safe and sustainable water supply for the local community under a Federally-funded stormwater harvesting project. Canberra has contributed more than $2.5 million towards The City of Unley Stormwater Project, which involves installing stormwater harvesting and reuse infrastructure at locations across the city. The stormwater harvested from the project will be used to water parks and reserves within the City of Unfey and, in turn, benefit the wider community by reducing the demand on Adelaide’s drinking water. The project will also reduce the potential for flooding within the area, and decrease the amount of urban run-off that enters local creeks, by re-directing and storing stormwater for later use. Federal Member for Adelaide, Kate Ellis, said the project would help secure the municipality’s water supply for the future. "Not only will the project save millions of litres of drinking water, it will also return council’s open space to pre-drought conditions (2005-06) and improve conditions in local parks and reserves for the community," Ms Ellis said. "By saving potable water~ the project puts into practice good water resource management that uses water wisely, secures water supplies, supports healthy rivers and takes action on climate change." The City of Unley Stormwater Project is funded through the government’s Water for the Future initiative under the National Urban Water and Desalination Plan.

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