10 August 2013

Full Council Meeting;August 12th 2013

This is an important meeting as this will finalise Council submission to the Minister for Planning regarding what is known as the Village Living and Desirable Neighbourhoods Development Plan Amendment-Main Corrridor Mixed use and Residential Revitalisation. This is the one that will allow multi story buildings on both Unley and Greenhill Rd. Council have had a few mains against the government on this one including insisting on public notification. There was some debate about the inclusion of Unley Rd. however, if we were to take it out at this stage the government would be likely to force it anyway and without the concessions we have won .
Also debated;

  • The deferred items from he last meeting (Sturt Lawn Tennis, Sturt Bowling leases and the King William Rd pedestrian refuge. While the leashes were passed the KWR debate will be had at the next Council meeting as the traffic expert was unavailable.
  • Lease of Unley Oval to the Sturt Football Club; this has been to consultation and the recommendation has not changed. The lease will be $20,00 per year.
  • Lease area 2/39 Oxford Tc; you might remember that Sturt now only leases part of what is known as Jack's Bar. This left the remainder of the building vacant. Sturt pays only $12,000 per year for the portion that it rents (market rent is approx $100,000).. Council is now looking for tenants or the other areas that achieves at least the amount that Sturt was paying. Council also approved allowing the use of part of the other area 8 days a year ( matches). I can't find any logic in why Council would agree to this as it further exacerbates the rental loss.
  • Trial of Parking Metres in the Boffa St car park; this will go ahead, hopefully, it will cause more movement during the day in the park and so improve one's chances of getting a park.
  • Pay for Use Parking Policy;the residents in and near Railway Tce Sth and Bartley Cres will be consulted on this, and if approved meters will be installed to discourage all day parking.
  • Review of delegations
  • Motion asking for support from Council regarding the reopening of Millswood Station. I have put this motion on notice and John Gasper, a resident, will make a deputation in support of my motion. This passed unanimously. Council  will meet with DPTI staff at a date to be determined.

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