18 August 2013

Three Stories; One Sunday Mail

Just got back from my coffee and read of the Sunday Mail.
Today there were three stories on interest.
Interestingly one about DPTI was headed "Rail rage has workers copping death threats". If you are a regular reader of this blog you will have read a similar story on my blog last week, however, I was politely asked to remove it by DPTI  staff as it was allegedly inaccurate. It said almost word for word what  is on page16. While I sympathise with the workers why is that even this last week we were told of more trees, that were to be protected, that  have had their roots severed by careless and thoughtless contractors? Why is it that Cranbrook Ave residents are still asking for realistic and pleasing design options for a gate they don't want and will never use? Why is it that residents in Richards Tce and Nairne  Tce still haven't been offered additional sound proofing in the replaced fencing?
The second article on improving safety in driveways is clearly a way forward that needs to be discussed and probably legislated.
Lastly the article on my student from Urrbrae High was uplifting. This student has faced adversity head on, will complete his South Australian Certificate of Education this year and has genuine post school options. These are the stories that I work with every day and the successes that make my day job so worthwhile. For those of you that thing Council is a full time job I am the Special Education Coordinator at Urrbrae.


  1. Dear Jennie,
    I am writing on this blog as I've not been able to post on your old blog "How about this one" (13 April 2013)
    In regard to the situation on Railway Tec. South. Your last post resolved to take more pictures and start a "New Blog" on this topic. I have not been able to find this new blog. Can you please give an update as to the direction the council has taken, and all further attempts to gain some positive outcome for the ratepayers, in the last three months since 25th May, your last post? We cannot presume the problem will "Just go away", in fact it appears to have escalated considerably, and I do not want the problem to be shelved by you because it has just become a little too hard.

  2. I did update this but it is now lost in history and am also going to include in the September Update. Council has pursued this and the matter is now in the Courts.