30 December 2013

Happy New Year 2014

To all Unley residents and particularly those in Goodwood South (soon to be renamed Clarence Park) have a great 2014. My wish list for 2014 is as follows;

  • That when DPTI finish their works that the streets, infrastructure and landscaping are are in better condition than when they started and that Unley is compensated for any foreseeable additional costs.
  • That the list I sent to Rod Hook , CEO of DPTI are addressed as part of the above
  • That the waste collection contract to be negotiated in 2014 will be structured to be able to achieve genuine savings for our ratepayers for the reduction in households rubbish going to landfill
  • That the footpath acceleration schedule allows for a greater number of footpath replacements than we have seen so far in Goodwood South
  • That an election for a new state government ( March) and new Council ( November) do not get in the way of good governance of both the state and the city.
  • That the recently consulted works in Black Forest are able to be implemented to the satisfaction of residents
  • That the Millswood complex Masterplan recommends achievable and deliverable change where it is identified and needed
  • That the community spirit continues to thrive.


  1. "Millswood Complex Master Plan" sounds ominous. Must have missed something as I haven't heard about it

    1. The plan development is currently out to tender. Once a company has been selected they will use currently available information and talk again to sports clubs and residents before coming up with a concept plan. The most significant need already identified is for a synthetic surface for hockey, along with this both SASMEE Park and Millswood croquet would like more space. There has also been a desire in the community for a community garden.

  2. Re rubbish collection. Our general waste bin is never full and thus I often leave it out only monthly whereas my recycle bin is much fuller. I think a once a fortnight general waste collection would be more than adequate and save money. The only thing that goes in the recycle bin is paper, cardboard, glass jars and plastic containers and food cans as we have a worm farm and redeem our 10 cent bottles at the depot.

  3. It is currently illegal to have a general rubbish collection bi-weekly. Before Council can convince the government to change the legislation we must significantly reduce the amount of food that is these bins. Currently longer collection times are seen as a risk to public health. Having said that the alternative (if you don't compost) is to wrap the food waste and put it in the green bin which is currently only collected bi-weekly. In Council's current contract their is no cost saving in producing less waste (other than the cost at the dump itself); it is the cost saving we need to look for in the new contract.