08 December 2013

Princess Margaret Melaleuca Update

You may have noticed that on the edge (near the Greenway) there is a tree too close to the light post (actually the tree is wrapped around it). This is not a story about haw the tree manage to do this but about the complete lack of common sense of the contractor that installed the light. Didn't it occur to them even for a minute that the light post could be installed a little to the left or right and not only been more functional but also not been in the tree? If I was paying the contractor he would be waiting for his money, but DPTI is the paymaster and for them this was OK as Council could always remove the tree! At Council's expense of course!  Nevertheless, I have been told that a Development Assessment Process will now commence to remove the tree. My suggestion is to ask DPTI to move the light and if the tree fails sometime in the future it could then be removed.

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