10 December 2013

Some Things Are Finally Getting Done

While DPTI still steadfastly refuses to discuss outstanding issues with residents it seems that some of the things they did promise are now being done. These include the Cranbrook Ave gate and lattice work (even higher than  it was to cover the appalling besser block shed), the high corrugated fence between Victoria St and Chelmsford Ave and the beginnings of the sound mitigation walls in Lyons Pde (yet to be seen in Devon St and between Victoria St and Cranbrook Ave). I've even seen landscaping in places that I was told would need to wait for autumn.
However, the graffiti is still visible all over the place, while some fences have been replaced not all that need to be have been, Arundel Ave still needs both visual and noise screening and  the gantries should be painted at Clarence Park station.
Graffiti  near  SASMEE Park
Graffiti on the Greenways

The fence near Victoria St

Throw screens at Devon St
The Cranbrook Ave gate (behind the 33)

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