01 December 2013

Trains Operating from Monday

Regular scheduled trains will operate from Monday 2nd December, on weekdays at least. The trains running will be the old diesels and not the new electric trains. These will not operate until February and even then there will be insufficient new trains to run them alone, the diesels will be with you for  a while yet. Given that it will be even longer before anyone will be able to tell if they are quieter. There still is much work to be done on the site.
Council are in talks with DPTI about the final payment to Council to repair the short term and long term damage to the streets, kerbs, trees, signs, and other amenity. I suggested to staff than anything short of $2 million would be a ripoff of to our ratepayers. From his response I don't think they're discussing this type of number. The final agreement must come back to Council or it to be able to be signed off.
I was a little dismayed the see Chloe Fox's statement that  "Fox says the views are amazing and she thinks the line was planned long before her seat became marginal. Fox says some of these stops are going into safe Labor seats. Fox says when you build a piece of infrastructure like this it gets to the stage where it bypasses politics". The reality is that this was all about politics right from the start especially the funding and desired outcomes. The view from the trains through Goodwood, Millswood, Black  Forest and Clarence Park must be truly amazing indeed, maybe this explained the need to elevate the track? I would have thought that looking over  dilapidated fences covered in graffiti into people back yards might really have been the last thing commuters wished to see!
I don't usually promote other people's websites but if you are interested in the documentation of one person and the development of Goodwood Junction this is an excellent pictorial revue.

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