24 December 2013

Wheel Squeal ;Channel Nine

Residents met with Harvey Biggs, reporter Channel Nine, regarding the ongoing problem with noise from the freight trains and Belair  Line. Interestingly, the Seaford Line is not quiet either and rattles away before and after the dive. Residents in Chromer Pde must be hoping for better things when the line is eventually electrified. I was given less than 2 hours notice to get a group of residents together, however, with a few phone calls and door knocking in the Grantley/ Arundel/ Cranbrook area there were enough people there with a story to tell that should make interesting viewing. The reporter particularly wanted to talk to residents in their homes, there were plenty of volunteers to do this. Luckily, a freight train made an appearance during the taping and one of the residents had a great tape of the wheel squeal recorded recently.
This will go to air in tonight's news broadcast at 6pm .


  1. The Minister's right of reply indicated that he already knew of the problems and he would continue to consult with the community. I guess it's good he thinks he is doing this but the reality is he has not done this; even his CEO refuses to meet with me to discuss the final details that could do with more input from DPTI. Not good enough.

    1. The ARTC line is not just about noise, its about dangerous levels of air pollution, its about rattling our old 1920s houses on daily basis, its about loss of real value in our properties, degradation of the environment and, reflecting on recent rail disasters must bring us to the terrifying conclusion that we have a major risk in that area.