06 March 2014

LATM Recomendations

The recommendations for change are as follows;
  • Replacement of existing single lane slow points in Byron Road with standard two lane road humps or plateaux. 
  • Preparation of an integrated traffic and landscape plan for the section of Canterbury Terrace between Byron Road and East Avenue. 
  • Installation of kerb build outs at several locations along East Avenue. 
  • Installation of a no stopping restriction on the southern side of Dryden Road through the bend into Gordon Road. 
  • Installation of a two hour parking restriction (9 am to 5pm - Monday to Friday) along the eastern side of Hartland Avenue between Aroha Terrace and Dunrobin Street. 
  • Investigate alternative access arrangements for the local shops in Bryon Road and Cowper Road. 
While the Plan also nominates that making Canterbury Tce one way should be investigated the suggested Council motion rejects this recommendation (see Council Agenda). Most of you will be aware that further work on this matter has already occurred and that, while the report is yet to be finalised, will not recommend a one way option. The feedback from the most recent consultation showed the vast majority of respondents  did not want a one way option.

1 comment:

  1. What frustrates me about these LOCAL traffic management plans is that they do not take into account the needs of residents in adjacent suburbs. A prime example of this is the recently installed speed humps on Leah Street. It’s no wonder there’s been an increase of rat-runners, Leah Street has always been difficult to navigate with parked cars and buses sharing a narrow road. Now it’s become ridiculously dangerous. Why can’t Unley council get over it’s NIMBE attitude and realise that a street that’s been part of a bus route for over 50 years is not a local residential street, it’s part of a major thoroughfare.