11 March 2014

Meet and greet went well

Last Sunday Don and I had coffee at Carnivale so we could discuss with residents their concerns about the propose Local Area Traffic Management Plan. While we were not inundated with companions we did get to meet new people and for those present to hear not only our views but also those of  fellow residents. We devised the necessity to let all Councillors know how you feel, not just Don and I, as ultimately all votes count equally at a Council meeting, and for a couple of individuals to ask to make a deputation to the next 2 Council meetings. While those asked seem generally happy with the proposed outcome there are others who aren't. Tonight's meeting is not about the one way/ two way at Canterbury Tc, this will be debated next month.


  1. I like the sound of one way in Caterbury Terrace.
    It will enable safety for cyclists and a wide green belt.

    1. The preferred outcome at this time is two way, which will still allow for a line of trees. Staff are working on a final design.

  2. I didn't know that this was on.
    Was it advertised?

  3. It was advertised on my blog and Don's as well and in an email sent to the addresses I have in Black Forest. We will do this more often if there is a topic to discuss, alternatively we could letterbox particular areas/ streets with an invitation.