25 March 2014

"Nature Crafts for Aussie Kids"

Kate Hubmayer(Black Forest) has   announced that her first  book was launched by Costa at the fantastic Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network “Food for Thought” conference in Hobart on the weekend. 
The book contains 15 fun, cheap & easy nature crafts suitable for kids of all ages, plus information on 18 native plants which produce cool seedpods/leaves etc. that are great for crafts.   It’s useful for kids, teachers, parents, grandparents, and anyone who wants to encourage children to unplug from their screens and connect with nature for a while. 
You can purchase the book directly from Kate for $20 or you can buy it online www.yourbooksonline.com.au and have it conveniently delivered to your door.  It might even be available at a bookstore near you in the future.
If you need her email address to contact her please let me know.

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