26 March 2014

Nesting Boxes a hit!

In a recent survey of nesting boxes across the city it was found that 70% had been used for breeding. Evidence exists that a variety of species call the boxes home; these include lorikeets, brush-tail possums, eastern rosellas, parrots and kookaburras. The boxes are also well used by bees and spiders although these are not considered to be welcome guests and those used in this way have had to be refurbished. This is a welcome programme that could easily be expanded.


  1. Cr Bob Schnell27 March, 2014 12:51

    If the bees do make a home in these nesting boxes, then that should be considered a bonus.
    Bees are losing their homes (in hollows) just like birds when mature trees are felled. Let's not be a in a rush to evict the bees hoping to get a bird in the box.
    Bees have an important function in our gardens.

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  2. Nesting boxes are available from quite a few online suppliers if you want to put one in your yard. Try; http://shop.nestingboxes.com.au/epages/shsh6893.sf/en_AU/?ObjectPath=/Shops/shsh6893/Categories or http://www.faunarescue.org.au/possum-boxes.htm