21 March 2014

Traffic woes not isolated

 From reading the article below you might think that Don and I held a view or debated for one way traffic in Canterbury Tce. This is not the case. Council will make a decision about Canterbury Tce at it's April meeting and the recommendation will be to retain two way traffic. Council is not proposing any road restrictions at South Rd, none at all. However, state government (whoever they might be) will be attempting to make South Rd faster, one of the ways to achieve this would be to restrict entry/exit into these streets from South Rd. The Liberals would do it earlier than Labor. We don't wish to spend money in Byron Rd if the Liberals win government and proceed immediately on their South Rd proposal. None of this has been discussed with Council at any level, but a public meeting was held regarding the walk lights at Black Forest Primary School where the matter was discussed.
The other interesting point is that the structure of the Black Forest road network affords little opportunity for the recommendations to change traffic patterns in other suburbs. This is unlike the speed humps in Leah St that have changed traffic patterns not only in Forestville.
Eastern Courier Messenger, Adelaide  by Emmie Dowling
 19 Mar 2014
 "TACKLING Unley's traffic problems street by street is akin to "shuffling deckchairs on the Titanic", an Unley councillor says.
 During debate about whether to spend $130,000 on roadworks in Black Forest at last week's meeting, Cr Michael Saies called on the council to avoid shifting problems from one suburb to another.
 "We need a holistic approach ... the council can't deal with these issues in isolation," Cr Saies told last week's meeting.
 He said fixing traffic problems in Black Forest would be like "shuffling deckchairs on the Titanic ... as soon as you plug up a road precinct, it will affect others".
 Councillors Bob Schnell and John Koumi also agreed that dealing with the issues in isolation would not help.
 Cr Schnell warned against a "patchwork solution", while Cr Koumi was opposed to tackling localised issues without considering the whole district.
 Despite this, the council voted to install concrete traffic islands on the sides of East Ave, just north of Forest Ave and Dunrobin St, and introduce two-hour parking on the eastern side of Hartland Ave, between Aroha Tce and Dunrobin St.
 It came after a consultant found there was heavy traffic and high demand for parking on the streets bounded by East Ave, Aroha Tce, South Rd and the railway corridor.
 The council is considering making Canterbury Tce one-way from East Ave, and installing speed humps in Byron Rd. Councillors Jennie Boisvert and Don Palmer said the government could help solve heavy traffic problems on Byron Rd by blocking entry from South Rd". 


  1. Heaven forbid - speed humps in Byron Rd are the last thing we need! When is council going to do something about getting rid of the speed humps in Leah St!!
    Tim Woonton

  2. The LATM recommended that the speed humps in Byron Rd be either raised in height or removed and replaced with Watts profile speed humps (like Forest Ave).The residents in Byron Rd are likely to make the final decision on this. The residents in Forestville want a LATM in their area to be the next one done so the big picture can be seen. At the end of this decisions will have be made about the humps in Leah St, roundabouts, replacing the humps in Everard Tce and restricted vehicle movements. I know people in Black Forest want the humps in Leah St removed.