19 March 2014

What's wrong with Meredyth Ave's footpaths?

Staff, along with Don and I took a look at Meredyth Ave's newly constructed footpaths this afternoon. There are a few lessons to be learned in this one for Council and the contractors. The letter sent out to say when the work would begin did not state how long it would take nor did it give a contact email address for the staff member supervising the contract. Generally contractors are told the standard expected and the work is inspected when finished with all faults noted needing to be repaired before the work is signed off and the agreed sum paid. In this case the residents were very unhappy early on and wanted to let Council staff and the contractors know the issues so they could be repaired immediately. Problems occurring included damaged fences, uneven surfaces, trip hazards, sewerage inspection points paved over, uneven levels at driveways,  poor finishes, and damaged driveway surfaces. Residents met with staff to point out the faults and to get a better overview of how this type of contract is managed. They have been assured that all work will be completed and /or repaired to a high standard. The street will look great when finished especially after the verges have been planted and green up.

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