12 August 2014

Full Council:August 11th 2014

The following matters were debated;

  • Goodwood Oval and Millswood Sporting Complex Improvement Plan; We discussed a way forward with the concept. The reports asks that the report be endorsed, that a staged implementation plan be designed (including further community consultation) and that staff continue to work with the Forestville Hockey Club to identify a suitable site for a synthetic pitch. This was a long debate, not because it wasn't supported but in an attempt to ensure staff investigated funding options in the implementation phase. The report is no longer confidential , I will add the link to it as soon as it is available. PASSED
  • Aged Care Reform Update and Assessment Service Opportunity; Changes in the way programmes are funded (currently 83% Commonwealth and 17% state) will result in a name change for the Home and Community Care programme, a nationally consistent fee policy, an increased focus on wellness and reablement. The Eastern Regional Alliance of Councils will tender as providers on the new service.PASSED
  • Animal Management Plan 2012-16 Annual Report; Council statistics show that in the last year  74% of registered dogs are now micro-chipped, there were 339 complaints about dogsno prosecutions, 19 dog attacks and 58 dogs were impounded and of these 43 were reclaimed or rehomed. Interestingly there are many animal management signs in poor condition and the 'dog on leash' signs at Orphanage Park need additional signage.PASSED
  • Living Well Regional Public Health Plan; Ideas gathered during the consultation phase have been added to the final report.PASSED
  • Unley Central Precinct Plan;This report details  proposed changes in the shopping centre area. The council now wish to seek support from the Minister to undertake changes to the Development Plan. This will also need changes in traffic flow to work. However, the concepts are exiting and developers will carry the bulk of the cost of these changes. High rise development centrally was one of the desires from people in Black Forest and Clarence Park in fighting recent proposed development changes in their areas.PASSED
  • Election Signs Policy and Guidelines; This proposes to adopt the policy developed by the LGA. Thankfully not many local government candidates choose to blight the street scape with these.PASSED
  • Privacy Policy; this discusses what Council can and can't do with the information that it collects from you. PASSED
  • Section 270 Internal Review Requests; there was only one and not surprisingly the decision made by staff was upheld.PASSED
  • Unley Central Precinct Property Development Options; CONFIDENTIAL

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