12 August 2014

What Matters to Women Report

Sometime ago I encourage you to participate in this survey. The results are now available at; http://yoursay.sa.gov.au/yoursay/what-matters-to-women-in-sa-survey-report
They make interesting reading. I've copied the following from the report. Would love to see your thoughts as comments after you have read the report.

What actions could have a positive impact on key issues?

Five key points were identified from the responses to the survey:
1.  There is a need for greater public/community awareness and education about negative attitudes 
and behaviours towards women. 
2.  A holistic approach is needed to address gender inequality and all issues listed in the survey are 
interconnected. In particular the linkages between, child care, employment, education, and 
addressing violence against women were highlighted. 
3.  Bipartisan support across all levels of government is essential for addressing fundamental issues 
that underpin persistent gender inequality. 
4.  Government has a pivotal role to play in enabling cultural change through policy or legislative 
mechanisms – such as legislation restricting gendered advertising in media, addressing gender pay 
inequity, quotas/targets to promote gender diversity, etc.

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