08 November 2014

A great day for incumbency

The provisional results for the vote counting today indisctes that all incumbents have been re- elected for a further term on  Council. I do not have the exact vote count for each ward at this time. Luke Smolucha  was elected to Goodwood Ward . Unley Park is yet to be counted. The results for this will be known later on Sunday. So much for the 5 new members so eagerly predicted by Councillor Schnell. There may still be as many as 3 new members. The reality is the old Council worked well together and we recognised early each others strengths and weaknesses, so this should stand us all in good stead for the future.


  1. Sometimes we get it wrong.
    I forecast 5 new Councillors. A tad high.
    My modelling will be revised for the forecast for the election in 2018.
    For election results in Goodwood Ward visit Bob's Blog

  2. What on earth is an "incumnert"?

  3. A bit of my poor spelling. An incumbent is the person who already holds that position.

  4. Jennie, I was perhaps a bit visionary in my forecast of 5 new faces.
    I was surprised that there were only 2 new faces to replace 2 who had retired.

    To view the election results visit Bob's Blog