23 November 2014

East Ave Pedestrian Facilities

Following the Local Area Traffic Management Plan one of the projects needing to be implemented are the pedestrian crossings on East Ave. The proposal is to install pedestrian side islands that will effectively narrow the street and make it safer and easier to cross. The islands will be installed immediately north of Chelmsford Ave and immediately north of Chelmsford Ave. This will leave a crossing distance of just 7 metres.both will see a reduction of only 2 car parks. The final consultation on these has been letterboxed to residents on East Ave for comment. To have your say email pobox1@unley.sa.edu.au.


  1. Sounds like a great initiative and well needed!

  2. It also was great to see road signage stopping drivers from parking over the bike crossing at the train line, a little more could be done,"ie move the solid white line back". Remember the greenway bikeway is incredibly popular and the more southern residence that we encourage to use it results in less cars using East Ave & Goodwood Road. A definite cost saving for the council and safety benefit for all.

  3. I'll put this to staff to see if I can get them to take another look at it. This area still has a small section that needs some additional green paint to ensure riders travelling in an easterly direction are separated from those travelling west as they cross East Ave. this should be completed shortly.