16 November 2014

The last footpaths

Staff have released the list of footpaths that still need to be paved and the order in which they are likely to be completed. The list is now relatively short. If you believe that your footpath should be higher up the list then please let me know. As Councillors we have some discretion in these, but the best indicator is the state of the footpath. hopefully, all will be completed in this Council term.
High priority:
Birkdale Ave
Hackett Ave
Kelvin Ave

Medium priority:
Cowper Rd
Argyle Ave
Ellesmere Ave
Gray St
Selkirk Ave

Low  priority:
Hill Crt
Laught Ave
Winifred St
Irwin Ave


  1. Thanks Jennie,

    Am I right that, when the footpaths are resurfaced, residents have the option to either retain the dolomite, or have it replaced with sandy loam for planting out the verge? Does Council also provide plants in that case?

    Thanks, Angus

  2. Yes, you get a choice of dolomite or loam and the Council offers suitable plants if you want them. Council has tried to just have a loam option to further green the streets but so many people want loam this is not seen as an option by staff.