23 January 2015

East Ave: road improvement

Council received a letter this month  to say that East Ave had been selected for $200,000 of funding from Roads to Recovery money from the federal government. I'm sure I will find out what is intended to be done from staff sometime in the near future.


  1. East Ave doesn't have any major issues... problems only come from the bottleneck caused by ridiculous humps on Leah St. The most dangerous part of the East Ave to CBD route is the Leader St /Leah St T-junction! Wasn't a round-a-bout being considered for that intersection?

  2. maybe something can be done about the safety of parking near the café/railway intersection at Mills St intersection.????? It can be a bit ragged when busy, seen a few near misses!

  3. Good to hear Jennie, I've been meaning to bring it to your attention, but there is a problem with the cycle lane on the city-bound side of East Ave, just North of Cross road. Motorists routinely park across the cycle lane (presumably to access the park or cafe there), and it is particularly dangerous there because there is also a lane merger of the traffic. If parking inspectors could focus on that spot, I'd be very appreciative!

    Regarding the redevelopment of East avenue, how about a median strip with trees down the middle? Perhaps there could even be chairs and tables in places (imagine the cafes with a boulevard outside!)

    Thanks again for your great communication, and best wishes for 2015,
    Regards, Angus

  4. I'll put these parking issues on the agenda for the next ward briefing and see if we can work on a way forward.

  5. Hi When turning right from Mills St onto East Ave if that new Café has it bigish white van parked there you can't see past it, cars are a worry, motor bikes are hard but push bikes are nearly impossible! That van makes it a nasty corner by hampering a clear view.
    I also agree that speed humps on Leah are a real drain, I had believed they were only put in as a temporary measure while the Gallipoli underpass was being built, then it stayed on for the Tram over pass construction. But I think the speed humps have to go. I almost cried just driving behind am ambulance and seeing them try to traverse the nightmares If they are to be permanent (and I hope not!!) for goodness sake make them cover the entire width of the road.

  6. The speed cushions were installed with an intention that they be permanent. However, in my opinion, the consultation area was not wide enough and failed to apt urge the view of Unley residents that lived nearby. They will never be changed to Watts speed humps as thse are too difficult for buses and it is the intention of DPTI that Leah St remain a bus route.we'll wait to see what the staff make of the direction Council have given them so everyone can be consulted on a preferred option.

  7. Lets fix the cyclist crossing East \ Canterbury \ Cromer.
    It simply doesn't work and it's dangerous.
    A simple stop sign rather than give way (or in reality lets race the train\traffic) at the end of Canterbury onto East Ave would go a LONG way to make this much safer.

    Sean Mullarkey

  8. Both Don and I have tried to get this crossing safer, even painting the cycle areas green, as planned, would make a big difference. I also believe that there will be additional signage on Canterbury Tce warning motorists turning left, as they have to, to watch out for bikes and pedestrians. A resign would be my preference but it is not included in the $200,00 of works,this will be resealing of East Ave, south of the tram, and painting green the cycle paths as they pass side streets.