30 October 2015

Track closed today

The so called dog track that runs along the railway line between Millswood Cres/ Arundel Ave and Millswood Station was closed today. There was no consultation, no public meetings, no letter box drops, nothing. The job done is of poor quality and access to the path is still available from the train line itself. So much for safety!
It is true that the track was in poor condition and unsafe, but what we have now is less safe. The reality is that people will not want to work the extra distance. It is also true that the timing is appalling, shows us all just how well all levels of government are working together.
If you want to be interviewed by the Eastern Courier please let me know. If you want to complain try;
Kate Ellis on 82692433
Gemma on 82174366 or Bas on 02 82590724 (ARTC)
And don't believe their lies that Unley Council agreed to it, they didn't.


  1. Jennie you need to realise that it was a matter of safety.
    From my years working in the railway sector, I do understand the Government's position. You need to put on a different hat to appreciate the safety issue.

  2. Yes, it is a safety issue and there have been complaints about safety. The request to ARTC was to replace the fence with a new and effective barrier. In the end their decision was made on cost and care factor to residents (none) and not safety. The way it is now is even worse. You would not have liked to see the emails from those who got off the train at Millswood Station yesterday afternoon to find the pathway had been fenced off, they were not happy.

  3. After calling Kate Ellis' office on Friday I have been assured that the fences will be removed on Monday. The closure will then be publicly consulted and people will get an opportunity to say why it should remain open. Hopefully, these representations will not fall on deaf ears. It will be then time to write your letters and sign petitions to get it to be upgraded and remain open.