26 March 2017

Lets put it off for another day!!

Residents who come to tomorrow's Council meeting may come away very disappointed. After months of discussion and meeting after briefing after meeting after workshop Council may still not be ready to make a decision.
Over a dozen people have asked to make a deputation, some for the first time but many having a second shot at it. Each will have an opportunity to speak for 5 minutes and may then be asked questions by Councillors.  After the deputations Council then need to make a decision.
However, the Agenda is long and there are other deputations.
Do we debate the DPA where it currently sits on the Agenda or defer the item for another day so we can get through the other items?
It is my preferred option to debate the DPA and then deal with the other  options later. However, many of my colleagues want to defer the DPA debate (after listening to deputations) and debate the other items as scheduled tomorrow.

What is the better option? Residents have told me that they will be even less happy about our performance with the latter option  as  it will be seen as waiting for another day and maybe so many people won’t be there.

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  1. And this is what we did!! The decision will now be made on the 30th match from 7pm.