03 January 2019

Can we beat the heat by planting a tree?

Today's paper had an article with this theme. The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects largely mirrored the view I gave yesterday. I found the above map  and remember the discussion that went with it when presented to Council.  The map quite clearly shows the urban corridors as being hotter than residential areas. It also shows the suburbs that we think of as being greener as cooler and Goodwood Oval and  Millswood Lawns as the coolest places in Clarence Park. The recommendation that trees be assigned dollar values also picks up on the same theme. It would inevitably get those who wish to remove trees to weigh up the dollar value plus the cost of removal against the improved amenity in a different light. Even the higher values, however,  may add so little percentage wise to big developments that any trees would still be at risk. It is interesting to note that several trees remain on the Arcadia site (Anzac Hwy to Third Ave) and may be retained.

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