29 September 2019


I recently published a post on this blog about a Code of Conduct complaint that was lodged against me by Deputy Mayor Hughes in respect of an email I sent.
The complaint was upheld and there were findings that I had breached a number of behavioural obligations of the Code.   
I accept parts of my email were not appropriate and have since apologised to Deputy Mayor Hughes.
In my blog post (which has been removed), I expressed concern that the matter had become the subject of a Code of Conduct complaint and had resulted in legal investigation rather than mediation.

I used the words " this is exactly the type of complaints that are destroying the working relationships between councillors on a number of councils' and I acknowledge that my words could easily have been understood to refer to Deputy Mayor Hughes and for this I apologise.
I also acknowledge that Deputy Mayor Hughes was entitled to lodge a complaint and that proper processes needed to be followed.
We have now formally met and we have discussed the circumstances surrounding the complaint and how we can avoid any issues arising in the future. That discussion has enabled us to have a better understanding of each other's position.
In our meeting, we agreed that we are both determined to do the best we can for the City of Unley and working together as effectively as possible will help us to achieve that goal.
To that end, we made a commitment to each other to communicate any concerns we may have privately and informally to ensure we were aware of each other's perspective and with the aim of addressing any issues that arise.

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