27 April 2012

Speed Cameras ;Leader St

After some comments and emails about this camera, about which I knew nothing, I have done research and think I have found the answer. This is a state government initiative in an effort to save lives and reduce speeds at level crossings. The cynical among you will describe it as revenue raising. As far as I aware this has not even be discussed by the Road Safety Committee and was not requested by Council in any  forum. The link  below will give you the full article.



  1. This is an excellent initiative showing Council in partnership with the SA Government for the sake of safety.

    1. This is absolute rubbish at this particular crossing. If anyone chose to go through this crossing at speed, they would become airborne. This is NOTHING BUT revenue raising here.

  2. This is the best information that I have at this time

    Mr. Matthew Leyson, Manager Safer Vehicles and Technology, DPTI has provided the following update on Leader Street - Safety Camera :

    24 months ago, State Govt funding was announced for improving safety at Level Crossings (that included upgrade to the flashing lights, boom gates, line markings and safety camera, etc)
    Last year in July 2011, six locations were selected incuding Leader Street for installation of a safety camera. The location gets selected based on Crash Data, Incidents data, Rate of non-compliance and information provided by the tram/train driver. Leader Street ranked in priority locations based on these criterias and as result a safety camera was installed.
    However, DPTI is not planning for any more locations within the City of Unley at this stage.

  3. At this point in time the police will not disclose what the tolerance levels will be regarding speed. I have heard anecdotally that there are some among us that regularly skip around the crossing even when the bar is down and the lights flashing, these people should be caught.

    1. you cant speed over this crossing without launching your car!
      Yes it needs a camera but it's not done right!
      It's not there for speeding(you cant) it's there to STOP! people from queuing over the tracks "safety".(NOT REVENUE) So put one CLEAR line there not TWO and block off Nairne and Maple. Particularly Nairne as its situated after the line, so it's impossible to turn right over the tracks when the gate is down, your already over the line it needs to be blocked off or a sign put there saying left turn only.
      road signs and rules need to be clear and unambiguous.
      at the moment you are currently trapping people for revenue and it is wrong!

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    1. what do you do when your coming from Naire Tce turning right over the crossing!!!!...there is no stop line, giveway or no right turn sign!!! coming from nairne your already infront of the camera line so what are you supposed to do? it does not say no right turn..this is a complete trap and completely confusing and ambiguous ..nairne tce needs a no right turn (or left turn only) on it or it needs to be blocked off completely..it does not say no right turn.so what do you do when the boom gates are down no one is at the crossing and you are turning right..do you go out and sit in front of the boom gate or wait at nairne street that says noting on it...you would probably go out and sit in front of the boom gate and guess what the camera is going to go off!!!!!
      this is WRONG!!
      road signs and rules need to be clear and simple. Not confusing and ambiguous...
      PS i dont have a problem with speed cameras at a crossing i understand their there to stop people banking up over the crossing, BUT THIS ONE IS SETUP WRONG..