30 December 2013

Community Engagement Consultation extended

If being more active in your community is one of your New Year’s Resolutions, then participating in our community engagement consultation is the perfect opportunity for you.
We are very keen to hear from you on what issues and decisions you would like to be informed, consulted and involved in and what the best way to engage with you is.
There is a community meeting on Wednesday the 8th January at 6.00pm at the Civic Centre, 181 Unley Road, (enter from rear car park).  This will be a casual meeting where you can share your views over a bite to eat.  RSVP to Mandy on 83725127 or msmith@unley.sa.gov.au
Alternatively click here to add your comments on our online discussion forum.   We already have received some great ideas from our community about how Council could improve how we engage with you, let us know if you agree with what others are saying.

The consultation closes on the 17 January 2014.

Some response so far include;

Send information more targeted for my reason for being involved. I seem to get an overload of information that is not relevant to my community activity and so have to read through and spend time trying to sift out what is relevant.
I strongly believe that what council deems as necessary information to provide to ENTIRE neighbourhoods about residential developments / renovations must be addressed. Giving too much power to others has great potential to cause friction, tension and both time and money wastage.
I would like more information regarding footpath and road upgrades. The timing and how they are scheduled.

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