26 December 2013

National Broadband Network

Residents are showing some concern about recent announced changes to the NBN. Not only is the service likely to be inferior to what was originally proposed it will also require the installation of large metal cabinets on Council footpaths. These will present problems for Council as they are likely targets for graffiti (the removal of which is likely to be done by Council), they will be easy targets for theft of the copper wires, will often need repair or upgrading and are a hazard if flooded. On top of this who will volunteer to have one in front of their homes? While the example below is the New Zealand response to the ugly boxes (they are being used as community art sites) a better solution would be to ensure Unley is served by the superior fibre to premises model.

1 comment:

  1. If those e-warriors who tried to reverse the Abbot government decision back to the original NBN had known about these ugly invasive high maintenance boxes they might have had support from the NIMBY.