14 January 2014

Clarence Park; the new name for Goodwood South

At the last elector representation review Council examined the distribution and location of wards as well as the boundaries of the existing wards. After much conversation and debate with very little demonstrated interest from our Community the wards were left unchanged other than for minor boundary changes. While some changed were suggested for Goodwood South  in the end the boundary was not changed. However, Council considered that the name Goodwood South did not reflect the location of the area and that it  would be  better named after at least one of the suburbs it encompassed. To this end Clarence Park was the name agreed to. For Don and I this means little else changes for now  but  when or  if  we choose to run for reelection we will be running in Clarence Park. All the election material you receive from the Council, the Electoral Commission and candidates will be about Clarence Park.

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