31 January 2014

Thanks from Ride Like Crazy

You would be aware of the Ride Like Crazy event which was held recently on Sunday 19 January. The City of Unley has funded their event in the past and this year supported them as part of a 3 year arrangement under the Cultural Sponsorships program with $ 2 500 and in kind support. It is always good to hear good news stories and I wanted to share comments sent to me by one of their organisers:

This year we had 1500 riders which include 9 tandem teams (with a vision impaired rider (called stokers)).
Preliminary projections indicated that RLC will be able to donate all of the riders entrance fee to the two nominated charities, the Board and Charities have conducted additional activities (Dinner and film viewings) to raise additional funds to cover the costs of the event this year.
We have received a number of emails from riders this year proclaiming that it is the best ride and coordinated event. The also mention logistically how good it is to start and finish in the same area.

I would like to thank all of your staff involved in the years event. Their contributions help significantly with the organising and coordination of the event. In particular, the assistance of John Wilkinson and Carly Smith. A big thanks also needs to be go to Michael Howley on the day,  he came to the oval and solved a few issues.

Thanks to the Council for your continuing support.

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