05 January 2014

Update on Brown Hill Creek;Letter to residents

The following letter will be distributed to all residents who live along the creek this week, including those residents potentially affected by the installation of culverts. For your information I moved the motion below and Cr Saies seconded the motion. This is a good step forward in keeping residents informed and in finding solutions to the flood mitigation that do not include culverts in streets.

Dear Resident / Owner

RE: An update on the Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Project
I want to take the opportunity to update you on the progress of the Brown Hill Keswick Creek Storm Water Project.
In November a report was presented to Council.  After considering this report and hearing deputations Council resolved:
1.    The Report be received.
2.    The final report acknowledges that many Unley residents will not accept any option that has high flow culverts in Unley streets and seeks to find a viable option that achieves this.
3.    The Save Our Streets group be added to the list of special interest groups.
This means that the Project Group will investigate options that do not involve high flow culverts in the streets of Unley.  A number of options involve the construction of dams in Mitcham and the clearing and widening of the creek, or the combination of these.
Like you, I am frustrated that the investigations have not been completed. It is essential we have all the facts before us, given the importance of this project. We expect that investigation of all options will be completed early in the New Year and all five councils will consider these options before extensive community consultation occurs.
The Council and I are committed to finding the best drainage solution that protects houses and businesses in the flood plains. We will find a solution that will have the least environmental, financial and social impacts. It is not our wish to impose an unrealistic expense on ratepayers or to exacerbate disruptions in our community.

Yours sincerely,

Lachlan Clyne


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