09 February 2015

A great weekend at the pool

The Swimming Centre had a safe and successful weekend. The staff did an outstanding job, I have been pleased to received several positive comments on their conduct and commitment to the weekends activities.

A total of 2,547 people attended the centre from  Friday to Sunday.

The first ‘Free Friday’ session attracted an impressive 555 people after 4:30pm to close of business (914 for the entire day). The income received in the kiosk during the trial was $623.00 with the crowd being made up of a good mix of youth, seniors and families. 293 Adults, 242 concession rate patrons (seniors, students, children above 5 years) and 20 children (below 5 years).

The annual MS Mighty Swim was as big as ever with over 400 competitors. The online donations had reached $74,694 this morning with cash donations and registration money (less expenses) still to be banked and added to the total. It is anticipated that the total will reach around the $90,000 mark. Donations can continue to be received for another week or so. The online total can be monitored at  http://www.msmightyswim.com.au/.

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