23 December 2018

Block size does matter

The people in Fullarton, and especially those that live close to Fullarton Rd are very upset by the most recent zoning changes in their patch of Unley. As most of you are aware John Rau, the former Minister for Planning, wanted Unley to increase the areas that could be developed so as to enable Unley's population to grow. Fullarton Rd was one of the targeted areas and residents were notified by the council of potential changes to the zone. Very few residents responded and the zone was changed to allow for 2 to 5 storey development with apartments as small as 80 square metres (average). Now that developers have started to see the potential they are coming in conflict with residents expectations whenever a development application is lodged. Unfortunately, it is now too late if the development matches the plan. Nevertheless, developers often try to push the boundaries too far and it is at this time that residents may have a chance of stopping the development.
Nevertheless, it is at the early zoning change level that this state government and the previous one want the discussion to occur.  With the new city wide (Adelaide) devepment plan coming into operation in the middle of 2019 there may be little time for people to know, see and adjust to what might lie in store for their neighbourhood when the time comes.


  1. What is happening on Fullarton Road is a real shame with development extending into the side streets. Council shouldn't have agreed to this. What is the position of the local councillors and can they get this fixed?

  2. Council had very little choice as there was little opposition from residents when zoning changes were proposed. Councillors did not argue the case for the current zoning to be rejected. We are now stuck with this and it is too late to do anything before the state governmant changes all the zoning again in mid 2019. Then residents need to make a fuss (lots of letters) and get the zoning they believe is actually most appropriate for the area. New Councillor, Jordan Dodd, is working hard with them at the moment.