04 May 2021

Full Council meeting: April 27th 2021

 You might find the following of interest?

  • Animal Management Plan for Endorsement: this caused some debate as a clause included a trial of on-leash dogs at Unley Oval was suggested. After three deputations and a long debate the controversial clause was excluded from the motion.  
  •  KWR/ Greenhill Rd  Bikeway: The option accepted was the one that best separated cars from bikes.
  • Annual Business Plan for Public Consultation: This suggested a rate rise of 2.25%. Unley balances the increase in your house's value with the desired rate increase. To do this the rate in the dollar is lowered to get the rise desired. Your rate only go up in excess of this if your house value has increased to a greater extent than others. This usually happens after you have renovated or extended your house.
  • Commuter Parking: This motion asked council staff to look for further opportunities to limit commuter parking.
  • Strategic Property Committee Minutes (CONFIDENTIAL)
  • Edmund Ave Cottages Lease (CONFIDENTIAL)
  • Brown Hill Creek Land Acquisition (CONFIDENTIAL)

Clarence Park Community Centre

 Feedback week is coming!

Tell us what you think??

Monday, 10 May—Thursday, 13 May 2021


Join Centre Coordinator Joanna Di Ciocco for a chat on how Clarence Park Community Centre is meeting your needs and wants. Drop in to the House Next Door and share your suggestions, ideas on how we can make our Centre even better.


Not available to pop in but have something to say?

Complete a feedback form, or contact the Coordinator direct by phoning 8293 8166 or             email: jdiciocco@unley.sa.gov.au



As a thank you

23 April 2021

When did rubbish become resource recovery?


I was bemused at the title Unley’s new Waste Management and Resource Recovery Plan. It seems that last time we looked at this in was a roadside collection plan. I can remember clearly as a child what we did with our rubbish. My father dug a deep hole just outside the fenced house block and all rubbish went in the hole: we lived in the middle of nowhere. When it was filled he dug a new one. When we had finished eating or drinking anything in the car the waste simply went out the window, being careful that the container was empty and the passenger behind had their window up.  With the introduction of 10c for each container this practice soon stopped. Then followed the single household bin; we had little kids and a big garden needed two and paid for the extra one. We taught the kids how to sort the stuff that could be recycled and they took great pleasure in getting it neatly in the black box supplied by Council. That is until they saw the same pick up truck empty the carefully sorted recyclables  into the same truck as the other rubbish and lost all interest. Then came a separate bin for the green stuff and we were able to manage with one other bin. Then the council provided us with three bins and nothing much has changed except which stuff goes in what bin?  In the early 2000’s the  hard waste that people had was collected by Council on an annual basis but some people thought they could also dump as they pleased whatever they had no use for. Council went all out with Crime Scene tape and letters to residents which has mostly stopped this practice.  With education, free green kitchen caddies and good data collection we now see more food waste going into the green bins. This practice, is however, problematic for people in apartments as they often do not have access to a green bin. The green waste is all recycled to become compost: a resource recovered. The contents of the recycling bin is also recovered. That leaves only the little blue bin that goes to landfill. It is this that Council has to pay to dump at ever increasing prices. We rarely have much in our bin these days and ideas like reducing how often this bin is emptied are tempting as a rate saver. The contractors are currently paid on the number of properties they pass but the new plan suggests they might be paid on the actual number of bins lifted. Given all of this its time to see our waste in a new light; remember the old adage one man’s trash might be Council’s treasure.

15 April 2021





Support your Community!

Support your Local Shed!


We are Open

Tuesdays 9am-12noon & Thursdays 9am-3pm


  • New volunteers welcome (women & men)
  • An interest in woodworking is preferable but not essential
  • Membership $20/quarter
  • Items are  lovingly made or repaired using re-cycled timbers
  • Items for sale (some up-cycled)
  • New wooden toys and other items are made and sold (including cutting boards, cheese boards & rolling pins)
  • Bird nesting boxes can be made to order
  • Made to order items can be discussed

12 April 2021

Waste Management and Resource Recovery Plan Consultation


Consultation has just commenced and will be open until 10th May 2021 on our Your Say Unley website for our two environmental plans:


Two ‘drop-in’ sessions have been scheduled and will be held on Earth Day where we will welcome people to come and speak to staff in person.

Thursday 22 April at either Goodwood Library (10am-1pm) or Unley Library (5-8pm).


Electronic copies of both Draft Plans are on the Your Say pages, but also available directly here:

Draft Waste Management and Resource Recovery Plan

Draft Climate and Energy Plan


We are seeking comments to ascertain support for the proposed key directions and to provide our community with an opportunity to make improvements for consideration in Council’s adoption of Final Plans.  


02 April 2021

Cultural Plan ready for your comment


The new Cultural Plan can be found here. It is ready for your comment. What do you love or hate about it?

29 March 2021

Australia Day: published in the East Adelaide Herald last week.

It has been said that the date of this event/celebration should be changed to a more suitable date. Also that it isn’t the business of Council and that it should be left to other levels of government to do the research, to consult widely and make the final decision.

Nevertheless, l asked my Year 10 History class, as part of their studies on Human Rights what they thought as an assessment task. Everyone of them was able to articulate that the current day of Jan 26th was no longer suitable. They were then asked to research and then choose another date. So what did they choose?

Jan 1st : Federation: the day that Australia became a nation.

Feb 13th Kevin Rudd’s Apology for past government policy that allowed discriminative policy.

March 2nd: The Australia Act was passed that dropped all legal ties with the UK.

March 12th: Canberra named as Australia’s capital city.

April 11th: Abolishment of the White Australia Act.

May 26th : Sorry Day, an acknowledgment of mistreatment of Aboriginal people.

May 8th : Mates day with no other significant event.

June 3rd: Abolition of Terra Nullius through a High Court decision (Mabo v Queensland).

June 11th Racial Discrimination Act passed.

It is fair to say that each person was passionate about their choice and that there was no consensus from the group. They were also able to explain that we need a date that is inclusive of all Australians: not just Aboriginal people and those descended from Europeans but also immigrants of other races and different faiths. And hence the date chosen reflects this.

I agree, this isn’t the business of Local Government, but it is the business of everyone of us to work toward a suitable alternate date that celebrates the Australian nation we have become. A date that offends no-one and celebrates a turning point in our history whatever that may be?

23 March 2021

Draft Economic Development Growth Strategy 2021-25


Draft Economic Development Growth Strategy 2021-2025

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The City of Unley has developed a Draft Economic Development Growth Strategy 2021-25(External link) to help guide our economic direction and growth over the next 5 years. Economic Prosperity is a key priority for the City of Unley and is a dedicated theme of Council's Community Plan 2033(External link).

The Draft Economic Development Growth Strategy 2021-25 focuses on a holistic approach to Economic Development through 5 key objectives; Civic Leadership, People & Places, Destination & Investment, Business Sustainability, and Connected & Activated Precincts.

How to have your say

At the Council meeting held 22 February 2021, Council endorsed the Draft Economic Development Growth Strategy 2021-25 for public consultation. We invite you to make a written submission expressing your views on the Draft Economic Development Growth Strategy 2021-25(External link) by following these steps:

  1. Review the Draft Economic Development Growth Strategy 2021-25
  2. Provide your feedback

Submissions will be accepted from 12 March 2021 until 5pm 9 April 2021.

Next steps

Your feedback will contribute to the finalisation of the Economic Development Growth Strategy 2021-25 which will be presented to Council for consideration.

Full Council meeting: March 22nd 2020

 You might find the following of interest?

  • Design and installation of a sensory garden: this was well received, the project will be funded by Rotary and Council will make available a piece of land and assist with maintanance. PASSED
  • Cultural Plan 2021-26: A new plan to determine priorities for funding. PASSED
  • Draft climate and energy plan-for consultation: This plan is a step in the right direction and oud see the Council Carbon Neutral. However, for the city to be Carbon neutral will take much longer. PASSED
  • Draft management and resource recovery plan-2021-25: fancy calling rubbish resource recovery. Almost everything can now be recycled, just be careful to make sure it goes in the right bin, PASSED
  • Elector representation review: preferred option: we have now agreed that at the next election there will be 5 wards in Unley with 2 Councilors from each ward plus a Mayor, elected at large. PASSED
  • Volunteer graffiti removal policy: This is updated and will, hopefully, see removal of graffiti by an expanded crew of volunteers in a more organised and expedient manner. PASSED
  • Mainstreet funding requests: We agreed to fund at the same level as last year although the vote was close, PASSED
  • Planning reform delegations:
  • Establishment of a Building Fire Safety Committee:
  • Review of Volunteer Management Policy:
  • Review of the Community Grants and Sponsorship Policy:
  • Maison de France establishment: CONFIDENTIAL

14 March 2021

Economic Development Strategy

 We are pleased to launch the consultation for the Draft Economic Development Growth Strategy 2021- 25 on YourSay Unley. Feedback from the consultation will be considered and incorporated into the finalisation of the strategy to ensure it is aligned to community priorities.


You can access the survey via the link below.


Draft Economic Development Strategy 2021-25 | YourSay Unley


08 March 2021





Applications are now open for the opportunity to pitch your business idea to the Fish Tank. If you’re 12 - 25 years of age and live, study, work or play in the City of Unley, you could win a prize package that will help grow your business. Applications close 19 April 2021.

Visit www.unley.sa.gov.au/fish-tank to submit your business idea.



Monday 12 April 2021, 6pm – 8pm, Fullarton Park Community Centre. 

Learn from business leaders and young entrepreneurs, and develop your own business idea. Open to all young people 12 – 25 years of age who live, work, study or play in the City of Unley.

Registration essential, visit www.unley.sa.gov.au/fish-tank by 7 April 2021.



The Pitch Night will take place in the Unley Town Hall on Thursday 6 May 2021, 5:45pm for a 6:00pm start – 8:00pm with the winners announced on the night. (Top 10 finalists will be advised prior to event)


Visit www.unley.sa.gov.au/fish-tank for terms & conditions, prize package details and further information. Alternatively please contact Laura De Bono, Community Development Project Officer- Youth at ldebono@unley.sa.gov.au or (08) 8372 5111

28 February 2021

Ward Briefing Update: Feb 2021


You might find the following of interest:

  • Hammond St rekerbing: The recent works have had residents questioning Council's will to green the city with dolomite verges not being replaced with loam as a matter of course. 
  • Mills St: residents are anxious to see the traffic calming works proceed early next financial year. This will require council to endorse a staff bid for this work to be completed. Staff are hoping to get the stormwater works completed by June so that the calming works can start soon after and proceed as one project.
  • Hedges: These remain a vexing issue as it seams that staff views are not inline with Councillors views, or at least Don's and mine. We will now put a motion to Council to develop a policy in line with councillor views. In my opinion it is not OK for hedges to block legal pedestrian access.
  • Bees in Grantly Ave: The bees that have inhabited the cedar trees in this street have been mentioned tome as under threat from residents who would like to see their removal. They have been there for at least 20 tears and probably longer.
  • Millswood Croquet Club-Progress Report: The design has now proceeded to detailed design.
  • Stormwater Capacity: The rain even of Jan 25th this year is now being described at a 1:in 75 event. While there was much ponding of water few homes and/or gardens were flooded. I have asked for a report to come to Council on this  to identify areas that are at risk and improvements that could be done. 
  • Page Park and dogs: This issue has come up again with c continued friction between the dog walkers and the dog exercise group, especially on Sunday mornings. This may need to be resolved by the dog trainer using an alternate site.
  • Commuter parking: I have asked staff , once again, to work with DIT to see if the plaza area under the tram line could be made available for commuter parking.
  • East Ave: repair works on East Ave have begun.

Unley Voices for Climate Action


The  above newly formed group are interested in climate change and Climate Emergencies. they have come together to gain support for and action particularly in the City of Unley.

Meet at Goodwood Community Centre on the 9th March at 7pm to get involved with community action in your community  

Please RSVP to uvforca@ gmail.com

My thoughts on amalgamation as printed by the Eastern Herald


Council Mergers

Once again this is the focus of debate. There are some questions that need to be answered before we go down this path.

 What were the savings delivered to ratepayers after the last round of amalgamations?

2.       What are the savings that are likely to be delivered this time?

3.       Will we lose the local in local government?

4.       Does this open the doors for party politics in Councils?

The last round of amalgamations was now over 20 years ago. You will find many articles on the savings that could be made and absolutely none on those actually delivered. If this was great success why aren’t these figures available?

The savings this time are around less CEOs, less Senior Managers and fewer elected members. No more than twelve for each Council as per pending legislation. In Queensland being elected to Council earns the individual a full time job and pays about $163,000 in base salary and approx. $30,000 for additional committee work. Unley Councillors currently get $17,000 plus up to $5,000 for additional responsibilities. You can have 10 Unley Councillors for the price of one in Brisbane!

People seem to appreciate having a councillor that they know, that they receive regular communication from and who are keen to solve whatever issues they have or new initiatives to share. Unley are currently considering having  3 wards with 3 people representing each ward. This would be some additional work load but not an insurmountable one. Still able to be fitted in with  full-time job! And not paid any more money. How many people need to be in an electorate before each individual just can’t do it as a volunteer and must be paid a salary and probably need electoral assistance as well?

The last answer lies in the involvement of party politics at the local level. Do we really want this? Should it be a stepping stone? How to we get bigger without the candidates being endorsed by Liberal, Labor or The Greens? Who pays for the much more expensive campaign? And will voting be on party lines? Will the outcome of a debate be known even before a motion  has been moved and seconded? This would be a sad day as the independence of our councillors is essential for good governance.

22 February 2021

Full Council meeting: Feb 22nd 2021


You might find the following of interest:

  • Draft Economic Development Growth Strategy: this strategy has been developed by elected members to keep business activity and support integral to Council work
  • Representation Review: Council will now debate the matter with the input from the community having been considered. Options considered will be no wards, 3 wards with 3 or 4 members and 5 wards with 2 members each.
  • Centennial Park- Changes to the Charter: This report recommends  that the Board no longer has any elected members on it. Instead the owners advisory committee would have an elected member, the Mayor and CEO from both Unley and Mitcham.
  • ALGA- Motion from Unley: The motion will ask that Compulsory voting  be introduced for Local Government elections. 
  • Refundable Tree Offset Incentive Program:
  • Safety at Clarence Park Station (pedestrian crossing): 
  • Waste management Contract: CONFIDENTIAL

04 February 2021

Localised flooding Jan 25th


There were many areas in Unley that experienced localised flooding during the downpour last week. The most concerning being that it really wasn't that much rain. I had a picture sent to me of water flowing under a private bridge built over Brown Hill Creek. It only had about 300 mm clearance. There was also flooding in King William Rd and more locally in Homer Rd and Lorraine Ave. Council is investigating these (and others) where flooding  occurred and is  preparing a report for council to consider. It seems sometimes that even with council doing more, infill development and increased surface run off  are  increasing the run off and ever increasing amounts.

27 January 2021

Unley's 2021 Citizen of the Year: Craig Scott


After winning the SA of the Year the selection of Craig Scott to also be Unley citizen of the year should come as no surprise to anyone. Craig has worked as a volunteer tireless to raise the status of the Good Saints Football Club well above that of others. He has worked toward the inclusion of women, Indigenous persons, those with a  disability and countless children to create a safe environment where they can be active in the community, to learn new skills and support others. Congratulations!

25 January 2021

24 January 2021

Full Council meeting: Wednesday 27th January

 You might find the following of interest?

  • Unley Oval Community and Business Hub: The Unley Oval Stage 2 redevelopment has now been to public consultation. Council is hoping that this development be shovel ready so that it can attract state or federal government funding when and if it becomes available
  • E-scooter trial: Unley  has partnered wit Norwood Council to apply for  a scooter trial. Hopefully, this can start later this year. Much of this will look much the same as you see in ACC, however, Unley is keen to ensure that there are fixed parking stations. We would also need to ACC to ask that the South Parklands are included in their trial so that Unley users could move freely into the city.
  • Review of the 4 year Delivery Plan: This outlines what and how each initiative or service will be delivered
  • Everard Park Fitness Training: There has been some controversy over this. The report recommends that Fitness training be allowed  for limited hours each day.
  • Live Streaming of Council and CAP Meetings: The report recommends that audio and minutes only are streamed and that this will be funded at the next budget review.
  • Council Assessment Panel Appointment of New Members: The report recommends that Brenton Burman (Chair), Rose Bateup, Colleen Dunn and Michael MeKeown are appointed with Carol Muzyk and alternate. The Councilor position will also be decided.
  • DIT Reference Group re South Road Development: This is the business reference group.
  • Unley Central Update: CONFIDENTIAL