24 November 2021

Full Council meeting: November 22nd, 2021

 You might find the following of interest: 

  • Community Grants: these grants are awarded on application to various community groups to assist them with their service to the community. $32,000 is to be awarded: grants  to Clarence Park Ward include money to Goodwood Saints Football for clinics to upskill those who live with a disability and money to SASMEE Park to install a ramp to enable easier access for seniors.
  • Conservation Grants: these have been recommended for a number of properties. Earlier this year Council reviewed it's policy to improve the visibility of these grants and their use not only to conserve buildings but also trees. Grants totalling nearly $38,000 were recommended.
  • Sesquicentenary Update: The celebration of this event has been broken into many small events rather than one large event. The final event will be the Picnic at the Memorial gardens on Dec 5th.
  • Trader Association Quarter 1 reports: These reports outline the spending of the separately levied rate.
  • Request for a movement study of Glen Osmond Rd: The Parkside Councillors are increasingly concerned about  the changed movement patterns as the major intersections are upgraded
  • Proposed purchase of an artwork: In my opinion the artwork selected does not tell enough of the Unley story.
  • Enforcement of the public health act: CONFIDENTIAL
Questions on Notice were raised about:
  • Assistance and Support provided to the Mayor (see separate blog)
  • Bike Racks on King William Rd
  • Cleaning of public toilets