29 October 2012

Eary Works Construction Update

From the most recent flier. I tookthe photo before I recived the flier. However, I believe those most affected were advised earlier.

The Goodwood Rail Junction Upgrade Project involves separating the existing freight rail line and Belair
passenger line from the Noarlunga passenger lines. Construction of a rail underpass near Victoria
Street will enable the Noarlunga line to be lowered below ground level with the freight and Belair lines
Completion of this project will provide a range of significant benefits for the Goodwood and Millswood
Upcoming works include:
· Drilling works to install a new sewer connection between Cranbrook Avenue and Chelmsford
Avenue (under the rail lines). This new sewer will then be installed via open trenching within the rail
corridor adjacent to Cromer Parade. Pipes will be temporarily stored on Hackett Avenue. This will
result in the temporary closure of this intersection to all through traffic, including cyclists, until
February 2012, with detours in place.
Construction vehicles will access the Cromer Parade site via Goodwood Road, Victoria Street and
Chelmsford Avenue.
· Tree removal will be undertaken on Cromer Parade, predominantly between Chelmsford Avenue
and Hackett Avenue. Residents adjacent to the Cromer Parade sewer realignment works (and
other interested stakeholders) will be consulted in regard to the landscape planning for this area.
The project team will revegetate this area as soon as possible after these early works are
· Establish the project site office and storage area at the Adelaide Showgrounds on Leader Street.
· Installation of cycling and pedestrian detours around the early works construction zones in Cromer
Parade and Devon Street South. We encourage you to contact us with suggestions on how we
can improve these detours or the information about them for you.
· Construction of a new sealed section of the Greenways shared use path through Forestville
Reserve to Nairne Terrace.

28 October 2012

Information Day; 28th Oct

As promised I spent from 11am to 3pm at SASSME today. The weather was glorious, the sausages free, train rides for the kids, DPTI staff enthusiastic and over 250 people had passed through in the first hour. By my estimation there were about 6-700 people seeking information on the project. The overall opinion seemed to confirm that this event should have occurred a couple of months ago ( that would be consultation). However, most people that I spoke believed that the outcome will be attractive and their the amenity improved (less noise). I would like your feed back on what you liked and what you didn't so I can continue to support in this. The most significant problem yet to be resolved seems to be the treatment of Brownhill Creek at Forrestville Reserve.

Elected Member Allowances

You may have read the article on this in the Eastern Courier last week. The link to the allowances for the last financial year is;
http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/Members%20Allowance%20%20Benefits%20Register1Jan-31Mar12.pdf . Scroll to page 2 and you will get the yearly results. Councillors remuneration is set by the Sate government, this is the amount in the first column. Councillors are paid an additional sum for being on the Development Assessment panel or Chairing the City Strategy meeting. If we had a Dept Mayor they would also be paid more. Councillors are also allowed to attend conferences, claim child care fees and are supplied with a computer, fax and ipad with internet access and a paid phone line if they choose. This does not show the sitting fees paid to the Councillors on the Centennial Park Board. The other column is mostly meals served before meetings and a glass of red after a meeting, so the $1450.39 paid for about 100 meals and the same number of reds. My communication bill (and Cr Salaman's as well) is much lower as I do not believe that I need a separate line as the internet is now wireless and so Council does not pay for my phone calls; I could claim the cost if I wished but would rather have it  as a tax deduction. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.

Broughton Arts Society

I attended the the opening celebration for this year's exhibition on Friday night at the Hughes Gallery (Fullarton Park Community Centre). What wonderful work this group does in encouraging  people with a disability to express themselves in a creative manner. There are plenty of works for sale with a top price of $50. Take the time to drop in at FPCC in the next few weeks if you have time and have a look; the purchase of a piece of work will make someone else's day.

26 October 2012

Civic Centre Mural

This mural has been  painted by Nish Cash at the Civic Centre. It now enhances the planter box near the Council Chambers. Can you help identify for me some blank walls, fences or similar that could do with such a face lift in Goodwood South or somewhere else in Unley?  The first site that comes to mind is the now ex-video shop on East Ave.

More Trees to Go

DPTI informed Council yesterday that the 2 trees at the end of Hackett Ave would need to be removed due to changes in the infrastructure alignment for the Goodwood Junction project . Both trees are significant and are eucalyptus spatulata. These trees had been approved for pruning only. Council will give their consent today for the removal of the trees on the condition that they be replaced as soon as practicable (which may be quite some time) by six new trees 2-3 m in height. 
DPTI will continue today with vegetation pruning and removal along Cromer Pde.   DPTI have been working closely with Council's arborist, Ben Parkinson, on this matter.

24 October 2012

Your Say Unley

A better engagement tool is now on line for you to respond to community consultation. I have copied the letter from staff announcing this tool. Now take your time and have Your Say on everything you want to. I would like lots of reponse to the Representation Review if possible.

Good morning everyone

I am very pleased to let you know we have just launched our new online community engagement hub, Your Say Unley - http://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au
Your Say Unley offers increased opportunities to inform and engage our community and provides a convenient and easy way to share ideas, points of view and discuss important topics and issues that impact and shape our city.  This tool is intended to complement our other mediums of engagement (including face-to-face and feedback forms) and is in keeping with our Engage Outside the Square Toolkit, as well as consistent with our Community Engagement and Consultation Policy.
The site is hosted by leading online consultation specialists, Bang the Table.  Their product, Engagement HQ, is successfully being used by a number of International, Australian and South Australian councils, including the cities of Adelaide, Holdfast Bay, Burnside, Marion, Charles Sturt, Playford, Mitcham and Alexandrina.   
Engagement HQ provides extensive functionality with a variety of tools and options available for us to pick and choose from to fit the individual engagement initiative.  These include:
  • News Feeds, Photo Galleries, Guest Book and Question and Answer feature within the front landing page  A number of alternative methods to undertake online engagement including:
  • Traditional surveys (between an individual and Council)
  • Open discussion forums (“Smart Forums”) enabling the community to have a conversation both with Council and with one another.
  • Quick polls
  • Add on “Widgets” within each project page including Frequently Asked Questions, image/photo gallery, embedded video, document libraries, slideshows, key dates and identified project   teams. 
  •  Social sharing allowing for RSS feeds, social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Linked in) and bulk email notifications allowing us to message participants.  
Engagement HQ also provides sophisticated qualitative and quantitative reporting (allowing project staff to track the progress and results of engagement in real time) and ensures a high level of security and moderation, with the forums monitored 24/7 to ensure the discussion stays on topic and is respectful.
Registration is required to participate in online discussion forums:  it's free and very easy to join and use.  Additionally, participants can comment anonymously by selecting an alias of their choice and registration also allows participants to nominate topics of interest to be kept informed of.
This program will be overseen by our Community Planner, Helen Hoare, and we are looking to run training for staff who regularly undertake consultation and engagement in early December.  This will focus both on the use and features of the tool as well as provide helpful tips and hints for those preparing engagement forums and questions .  
In the first instance, we have agreed that this project is considered a trial and over the next 6 months we will be reviewing our use of other data gathering mediums, such as the Community Panel and LGA survey to ensure we have the most adaptable, efficient, user-friendly and relevant tools at our disposal.
You can access Your Say Unley by using the "Your Say Unley" link located on our website (you may need to refresh your web screen) or by entering http://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au in your web browser. I encourage you to take the time to explore this exciting new addition to our engagement toolkit.  You will notice that we have a couple of live consultation opportunities currently underway which have been uploaded into Your Say Unley, including the Community Asset Action Plan and the Elector Representation Review.  We will also be launching the next stage of engagement on the draft Community Plan 2033 in the next few days.
I welcome your feedback on Your Say Unley - all comments, ideas, concerns and suggestions are encouraged.  It's all part of the improvement and development process.

With kind regards


Megan Berghuis

Analogue TV's;What next for them?

The analogue signal will be turned off early next year. This will make many older televisions redundant and likely to be dumped. Thanks to a visionary resident and some questions to staff are now planning a way to manage this. I received the following email yesterday. When I get the details I'll publish them on this blog.

Just one is not a pretty site.

We have a general approach and agreement set up which I'll get xxxx  to send you. We are also currently putting together a paper to present to Council regarding a special collection service shortly after the analogue signal is turned off. This requires some detailed planning due to the potential size of the collection, assisting some older or less capable residents lift their old TV's, & some concerns about potential traffic disruptions/ jams as residents bring their TV's. 
 John Devine

23 October 2012

Full Council;22nd Oct 2012

This month's agenda covered a range of topics;
  • Discussion about including the no-smoking initiatives in the Environment Sustainability Plan. After Council agreeing in a workshop in 2010 that this would go in the plan and a number of initiatives having been achieved it seems that the relevant staff member did not include them in the documented plan. While the initiatives would fit into a Health Plan when it is developed in 12 months time the initiatives sit in limbo. After some debate this was PASSED. The reality is that Council has already achieved; restaurants being able to save money by being offered reduced fees if their outdoor dining area is smoke free, no smoking within 10 metres of a playground or a Council building, no smoking at bus stops and some smoke free events (Adelaide Show).
  • Temporary Road Closures-SANTOS Tour Down Under; arrangements to close King William Rd on the 23rd of January 2013 for the Unley Gourmet Gala and on the 24th of January 2013 for the staged start will be similar to this year.PASSED
  • Procurement-Value for Money; have you ever thought that council pays too much for things? Council will trial a new system of procurement for minor projects to ascertain if there are cheaper options that still uphold the principles of open and effective competition, value for money, sustainability,ethical behavior and OHS&W management.PASSED
  • Financial Reports PASSED
  • First Quarter Budget Review; The number of projects budgeted for in 2011/12 but not completed amounts to over $2 million. It is concerning that so many projects are awaiting completion but it is good to see the money for Meredyth Ave road works still there. Other monies not spent include fencing at Page Park and the replacement of the slow point in Mills St.PASSED
  • Annual Report; http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/Att%201%20Item%20573%20FCM%20October%202012.pdf There are a few errors in this that will need amendment.PASSED
  • Hours of Operation;PASSED
  • Australia Day Awards; Time to choose a new committee to choose the winners for 2013. Nominations are open now.The committee will be Crs Salaman, Hughes and Palmer. Time to get nominations in is now. PASSED
  • DPA  Stage 3A- Further Amendment; the government has asked Council to further modify our proposals for Greenhill and Unley Rds to further increase the number of dwellings that could be built in these corridors. Some of their expected changes seem more reasonable than others; Council does wish to budge on the angle of setback or the degree of notification. However, Council will agree that what the state government wants can go out to public consultation. Then it's time for response and disagreement from the public to support our view.PASSED
  • Grant Funding; Total grant money achieved last financial year was just over $5million.PASSED
  • Elected Member Code of Conduct; There has been an investigation into the behavior of one member of Council. it wasn't me. PASSED
  • Financial Results 2011-12.PASSED
  • Sturt Debt; I was shocked to see in he answer to a question raised by Cr Hudson the current debt that Sturt have to Unley Council. They have $5,218  in rent owing for 39 Oxford Terrace and $49,800 in rent owing for the use of Unley Oval. We seem to be a very generous land lord and I am very surprised that no report has come to Council on this matter. In my opinion this is unacceptable, we are not a bank.
  • Selection of Independent and Council Members for the Development Assessment Panel; Confidential PASSED. I put my name in for this one  but was defeated in the ballot.
  • The full agenda can be read at;    http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/Council%20Agenda%20October%202012.pdf 

21 October 2012

Confidential Items

Have you ever wondered what Council talk about when the item is confidential? Please follow the link given to have a look at the most recent swag of items that have had their confidentiality orders removed. Items include the selection of the CEO, various items from the Development Assessment Panel and Special Council meetings. You may wonder why some were ever confidential and I often wonder that myself but have never won a debate that the item in the first place should not have been confidential. Cr. Saies has had a few tries recently without success as well.

18 October 2012

Representation Review

The Representation Review has been placed on the website under Community Consultations/Program of Consultations/Consultations in Progress
The link is below.
Now it is time to have your say about you you wish to be represented. It is my view that the mayor should be elected by the Councillors after the main election. These people are in a a better position to know how the persons contending for the position lead, how they demonstrate good practice and how well they can chair a meeting. They are not fooled by glossy brochures or expensive campaigns.It also means that the losing candidates will still be on Council and able to offer continued service in this role. I would also like to investigate ways that would see more women elected to Council.
Unfortunately, this link does not take you to a feedback form; you will need to write a letter or send an email to Council to have your say. I will see if I can get this added in the next few days. Nor is there a deadline given for having your say!

Millswood Park No Longer an Option

Following ongoing concerns from a number of people the use of Millswood Park as a service depot during the Goodwood Junction development is no longer an option that will be pursued. This is wonderful news and shows the real power that people have when others will listen to the genuine concerns that they have. All of this before the 'Consultation' begins.

Tree Trimming and Removal; DPTI

The Goodwood Junction Grade Separation project, DPTI have advised their tree contractors are starting today. Council's information is activity will focus on the Cromer Pde, Hackett and Chelmsford Ave area in the first instance, and will largely involve pruning for the safe passage of plant and equipment.  It will include the removal of the Ficus on the Chelmsford/Cromer "bend", as per DAC approvals.
For any enquiries residents may have, DPTI has set up a central "hotline" - Rail Revitalisation Project Community Information 1300 782 454.

Night Works: East Avenue

DPTI will be undertaking works on East Ave, adjacent to the railway crossing at Cromer Pde / Canterbury Tce over the next few days as part of their Rail Revitalisation Project.

Works are due to commence today (18 Oct) and run through until Monday 22 Oct.

As part of these works, night works will take place from 10pm on Saturday 20 October through until approx 6am on the Sunday and will involve directional drilling under the rail line.

Traffic management strategies are currently being reviewed by Councils Traffic and Transport team.

If you have any enquiries please contact the project team during business hours on
1800 644 735 or by email at dpti.electrification@sa.gov.au. Alternatively the on-site supervisor can be
contacted on 0417 899 981.

17 October 2012

Elect More Women in Local Government?

The following article appeared in this week's Eastern Courier. The under representation by women in Unley has been long standing and certainly needs to be addressed. It is time to think about representation in Unley and how it might be done differently. You thoughts on how this might be achieved are very welcome.

Elect more women

Eastern Courier Messenger, Adelaide  by  Alyssa-Jane Tucker
17 Oct 2012

JUST one in four elected members in the east is female, prompting sitting women to call for the imbalance to be redressed at the 2014 elections.

Checks by the Eastern Courier Messenger show female representation on Burnside, Unley and Norwood, Payneham and St Peters has dropped in the past three terms.

The trend has prompted Burnside councillors Helga Lemon and Di Wilkins to call for more women to stand for councils.

It’s absolutely essential to have women in the council (as) 52 per cent of the population in Burnside is women,’’ Cr Lemon said.

I’d like to see a 50 per cent representation so the community is properly represented and I would love to see some younger women getting involved.’’

Presently, women comprise 28 per cent of the elected members serving across the three councils.

All three local mayors are men.

I didn’t think our community was being well served by the previous council,’’ Cr Lemon said of her decision to stand in 2010.

I thought I could sit back and complain or I could throw my hat in the ring and stand up and have a go.

Women bring a different perspective to the table, because we’re mothers, friends, sisters and we’ve nursed elderly parents.’’

Cr Wilkins said councils needed more female involvement.

It’s important that women are represented as part of our community because we are the people that manage the family, we work, we volunteer in the community.

I would definitely encourage any women wanting to be more involved in the community to consider (standing).’’

Local Government Association chief executive Wendy Campana hoped the number of women members would increase from 27 per cent statewide, a level it had been at since 2003.

Although the growth has not been strong in recent years, we did see a record number of women nominating in 2010 and I would hope to repeat that in 2014,’’ Ms Campana said.

I think the community is ready to see these figures rise to 50 per cent or more but how rapidly we move is up to the community.’’

Contact the LGA for information and advice if you are interested in running for local government.

ELECTED MEMBER Norwood, Payneham & St Peters . 2003-06: Six of 16 female . 2006-10: Five . 2010-14: Four of 14 Burnside . 2003-06: Six of 13 female . 2006-10: Three . 2010-14: Five Unley Council . 2003-06: Two of 13 female . 2006-10: Three . 2010-14: Two

15 October 2012

Sturt; What's It All About?

The debate about what the Sturt Football Club are doing, or not doing, has been hotly debated in the press of late. I read on Cr Michael Hudson's website (www.grumpyinunley.wordpress.com ) the following letter from their CEO Matt Benson. This seems to say it all.

Hi Mike,
Happy for you to put the following on your blog…
“The Sturt Football Club has been part of Unley for 111 years and wants to be part of it for the next 111 years. In the last two decades there has been acrimony between the club and some residents – we wish that wasn’t the case. The reality is that Sturt are not moving – we do not wish to move to Mt Barker or Wayville – but we wish to play 2 (two)_ games ONLY under lights at Norwood Oval.  Unley Oval is our home. The club had virtually no option in the 1980′s but to move to Adelaide Oval for league games due to a  (SANFL) ground rationalization strategy and significant financial pressure – the club however continued to be based, to train and to play junior games at  Unley. Is Port Power’s home AAMI Stadium or Alberton Oval? Please understand that the media will always endeavor to fire up a debate – we  are coincidentally dealing today with a fictitious headline that the Adelaide Football Club (the Crows) are taking us over. This is untrue. This is an unfortunate story on the 10th anniversary of the Bali bombings – where we lost two club stalwarts.
Mike Hudson has kindly offered me this opportunity – to place a comment on his blog page. I can therefore confirm unequivocally:
1. The club wishes to be part of Unley and Unley Oval for the next 111 years.
2. The club obviously supports the opportunity to contribute to a planning process that aims to significantly improve our facilities at Unley Oval;
3. The club does not expect  the Council to wholly pay for any upgrade, but wishes to work with the Council and other stakeholders to achieve funding and a mutually  beneficial   result.
4. The club believes that the Unley Oval should be a premium sporting facility that is uniquely available to the community when not being used for sport.
5.  The club uses half of its 700 hour annual occupation of Unley Oval for junior development programs – fact;
6. The club’s senior teams use Unley oval for approximately 350 hours per year – fact;
7. The club has a core (bank) debt of approx $2.2m which it is working to extinguish.
I respect Mike’s passion re the Unley Oval and its availability to residents. I have always however been miffed at the conflicting message re negativity about Sturt’s departure from Unley Oval for league games on the one hand (which resulted in the current layout and I assume is welcomed), and the somewhat aggressive approach in the defense of the layout that has resulted. Isn’t Sturt’s enforced departure in the 1980′s therefore a good thing? No? Yes? I am confused.
The Sturt Football Club will not steal your children – or have your kidney taken out in the middle of the night!! The club is part of Unley – wishes to work with our neighbours, wants the best for its players and members, and is focused on continuing as a positive and generous member of the local community. No cards up any sleeves- NONE! Of course we would be derelict in our duty not to want the best for our great and proud club-  but our view is that we are all in this together!
Thanks, Mike, once again – let’s work together on improving Unley Oval for everyone, as a community — because Sturt aren’t going anywhere”.
Matt Benson.

13 October 2012

Goodwood Junction Works Begin

This fence is newly erected at the end of Hacket Ave and there is also tunnelling for services at the Goodwood Tram overpass.

Spring in Unley

SASSME  Park Open Day 7th October

There have been lots of events to keep busy with.

Libary festivities Oct 13th


Opening of the tennis season at Millswood Lawns 13th Oct

Unley Pool celebrates 50 years

Letter From DPTI

It is my belief that this has now been distributed to the houses considered to be within the affected area.

In reply please quote:

Enquiries to:                  Project Information Line              
Telephone:                    1300 443 198
Email:                           dpti.rr@sa.gov.au
Dear residents, landowners and local businesses


In the 2012/13 State Budget, the South Australian Government announced funding of $110 million for a major new infrastructure project - the Goodwood Junction Upgrade.

This project is a key part of the Government’s larger Rail Revitalisation program and will enhance rail and traffic safety, enable freight and passenger trains to operate more efficiently and reduce waiting times for traffic at the Leader Street, Victoria Street and Cross Road level crossings.

Importantly, the Goodwood Junction Upgrade will deliver local amenity improvements through reduced local noise levels, enhanced local landscaping and lighting and by facilitating improved local cycle and pedestrian links, including a new connection on the Greenways cycleway.

The project will also enable the re-alignment of Brownhill Creek and the installation of a larger culvert system to increase its capacity and help achieve the flood mitigation goals sought by the Stormwater Management Authority and Unley, Mitcham, Burnside, Adelaide and West Torrens Councils. 

The main construction activities involve the separation of the freight line and Belair passenger line from the Noarlunga passenger line through construction of a rail underpass near Victoria Street, Goodwood. This will result in the two Noarlunga lines being lowered approximately six metres below ground level. The planned works also include upgrades of signalling and reconstruction of the Leader Street, Victoria Street and East Avenue rail crossings.

The project is part of a larger $443 million package of works that will also allow for the separation of the interstate freight network from the suburban passenger rail network between North Adelaide and Torrens Junction. The State Government is delivering the project in partnership with the Australian Government, which has committed $232.1 million to the project.

The Goodwood Junction Upgrade is planned to be completed by September 2013, followed by the Torrens Junction works in 2015/16.

The project team is committed to providing all the information residents, local businesses and other interested parties need as design and construction of the Goodwood Junction Upgrade progresses.

We have organised a community information day for 28 October 2012 at SASMEE Park between 11am – 3pm, for which you will receive a separate invitation. In the next weeks we will also be visiting local households and businesses adjacent to the project area.

We are working closely with both Unley and Mitcham Councils in the planning and design stages and will continue to meet with local organisations and residents’ groups throughout the project.

I encourage you to meet the project team at our information day and ask questions regarding the design and construction works.

For more information on the Goodwood Junction Upgrade and other Rail Revitalisation projects please visit http://infrastructure.sa.gov.au/RR, email us at dpti.rr@sa.gov.au, or contact the Goodwood Junction Upgrade project team on 1300 443 198.

Yours sincerely,

 Luigi Rossi

9 October 2012

06 October 2012

City Strategy Meeting; Oct 8th 2012

This looked like quite a short Agenda, nevertheless these matters are important and like most things they seem to take as long as the you have time you have to deal with them.

Land Management Agreement with St. Augustine's Church- Village Green Extension; This has been bubbling along for a while and while I will probably support it I feel hat we have other more pressing things to spend our money on. However, it is an opportunity to secure more public use for an area of land that is adjacent the Council chambers and has direct links to Unley Rd and the Shopping centre. The plans look good, the money is in the budget and we should see better use of this area of land. PASSED with some discussion about the type of paving and the amount of green space.

Review of the Environment Sustainability Plan 2012-13; This plan is reviewed annually and not many changes are envisioned. Some of the projects completed in 2011-12 include;
  • the development of a bike network map
  • energy and solar panel reviews at the Civic Centre, Pool and Libraries
  • information sessions on Solar Energy for residents
  • stormwater capture in rain gardens in Wattle St
  • promotion of ecobums
  • review of waste management at Council facilities
  • promotion of Food Waste for Organics bin for residents
  • development of pocket parks
  • adopt a tree programme
  • water sensitive urban design projects in Owen St, Hamilton Blvd and Wattle St
  • adoption of a food security strategy
  • identification of the Goody Patch and Parkside PS for Community Gardens
  • no smoking in playgrounds and options for non smoking areas in restaurant's outdoor areas where they are leased from Council.
  • PASSED with an Amendment by me to reflect the No-smoking initiatives that should have been included.
Policy Review; The policies to be reviewed show mostly changes required by law and improved grammar. Policies being reviewed include the Small Sponsorship Donation Scheme and Youth Sponsorship Scheme; under the new policy a person will only be able to claim once each year and will not be able to apply for both. However, if they are competing at and international level this may be approved more than once. PASSED
The full agenda can be found at; http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/Agenda%20CSP%20October%202012.pdf

Butt Free Day; Octocer 18th

National Butt Free Day

On Thursday, October 18th Australia is hoping for a Butt Free kind of Day.
It’s our first National Butt Free Day – Did you know that there are an estimated 7 Billion Butts being littered every year around Australia? Yes – Seven Billion Butts! These littered butts leach toxic emissions (such as cadmium, lead, arsenic and zinc) into water and soil as they decompose, contributing to soil and water pollution and impacting wildlife habitat.

For further information visit http://buttfree.org.au/component/chronocontact/?chronoformname=buttfreedayreg

05 October 2012

Children Crossing

The children crossing signs  in Frederick St, near the Scout and Guide Hall, have been a long time coming. Hopefully, hey will remind motorists to slow down to enhance the safety of our children.

Ride to Work Day 2012

Ride to Work Day 2012

Join the Commuter Revolution
When Wednesday 17 October 2012 from 6.30am - 9:00am
What Community “Feed Zone” Breakfast
Where West Unley Commuter Route intersection with King William Rd, Wayville
Register your participation today at www.ridetowork.com.au
Brought to you by the City of Unley Road Safety Committee
Walk to Work Day 2012

Australia Day Awards; Nominations open now

Community - Fostering a Vibrant, Safe, Cohesive and Strong Community

Australia Day Awards

Young Citizen 06On Australia Day the City of Unley honours citizens for their outstanding contribution to the community.
The Awards are provided by the Australia Day Council.
Nominations are invited from persons residing or working within the City of Unley community for the following 2013 Australia Day Awards.
  • Citizen of the Year
  • Young Citizen of the Year
  • Community Event of the Year

Nomination criteria

  1. Nominees will have made a noteworthy contribution during the current year and/or given outstanding service to the local community over a number of years.
  2. The Citizen of the Year Award nominees must be 25 years or older on 26 January 2013.
  3. Young Citizen of the Year Award nominees must be under 25 years on 26 January 2013.
  4. Nominations for the Community Event of the Year Award. Presented to the person or group who has staged the most outstanding community event during the year 2012.
One selection only will be made in each category. Both individuals and organisations may submit nominations.
View the Nomination Guidelines
Online Nomination Form
Download a nomination form or pick one up from the Unley Civic Centre, 181 Unley Road, Unley or email australiadayawards@unley.sa.gov.au.
Nomination forms must be received by 5pm Friday 2 November 2012.


The date given on my earlier blog has been changed. The consultation will start at 11am  and will still be at Sasmee Park. Please make sure they get a crowd.

04 October 2012

Community Asset Action Plan

Now it's time to have your say about this. Take your time to read the report and send in your feedback or attend one of the information sessions.

Draft Community Asset Action Plan 2012 - 2015

The draft Community Asset Action Plan aims to develop a long-term strategic approach for Council’s community assets. We would like to know your views on the actions and timeline proposed by the plan.
The draft Community Asset Action Plan aims to develop a long-term strategic approach for Council’s community assets by first undertaking a focused planning approach over a three year period. This work will provide a detailed and costed plan to Council upgrades, acquisition and disposal of community assets to facilitate effective service delivery over the next 20+ years.
The purpose of this engagement is to seek your views on the draft Community Asset Action Plan 2012 – 2015.  Specifically, Council would like to know your views on the actions and timeline proposed by the plan.
Click here to read the draft plan.
Frequently Asked Questions.
Click here to provide your feedback.
The closing date for comment is Friday, 2 November 2012.
Public information sessions will be held between 12.30pm - 1.30pm or 6pm - 7pm on Wednesday, 24 October 2012, at the Civic Centre, 181 Unley Road, Unley.
For more information, or to attend either of the public information sessions, please contact the City of Unley on phone 8372 5111 or email jwilkinson@unley.sa.gov.au.

03 October 2012

Strength for Life

There will be an information session on Monday 15th October at10am at the Clarence Park Community Centre if you are interested in getting information about this programme.COTA will be enabling people over 50 years to access quality strength training progammes at typical fitness venues across South Australia The programmes are afforable and supervised. If this sounds like you then call and make a booking on 82938166.

Goodwood Junction;Consultation NOW 28th October 2012

Last night Council were once again briefed about the Goodwood Junction project.
Luigi Rossi, the project manager was in attendance. Very little has changed since my last blog other than the final selected route for the water that was to be piped under the railway and  through Millswood Lawns and then the streets near Goodwood Oval. Public pressure and common sense has at last come to fruition and the Arundel Ave culvert will now continue along Arundel Ave until it meets the original creek line, the water will then be aqueducted under the freight and Belair line and then spill into the original creek bed. The difficulties at Forrestville Reserve are yet to be sorted out . In order for this project to begin the diversion on Brownhill Creek to travel under Victoria St and now to the west of the houses in Devon St to eventually reach the original channel near the Pool must be completed first.
Acquisition of houses remains on the table, We were told that one has now been acquired in Devon St and that negotiations were continuing with the owners of the other two properties.
There were many excuses about the lack of consultation and even a claim, once again, that all affected people had been door knocked. This would seem not to be the case from the number of people who have contacted me in the last few weeks. However, the consultation, which will be telling you what will be done rather than asking your opinion, will be Oct 27th at Sasmee Park and probably from 10am- 2pm. homes, Some 3,500 homes are to be letter boxed about the project in the next week or so. I know I have said this before as this was what I had been told ( I even read the draft flier).
One of the outcomes for the DAC meeting last week is that all haulage of materials and other detail must be put to the Council for approval.
The other new information is that the project is supposed to allow for the use of the freight line during the project. The logistics of how they will do this escape me, so we'll see.
Please call 1300 443198 or email dpti@sa.gogv.au to talk directly to the people planning this project. They have given an undertaking to visit and discuss this project with any one who asks.

02 October 2012

October Update 2012

The following locations have been given to police for enforcement due to people continueing to flout the road rules         
  • U-turns at the corner of Mills St and Goodwood Rd
  • Keeping clear the entrance to Aroha Tce when traveling north on East Ave, especially when waiting for a tram
  • Cyclists riding their bikes through the underpass at Goodwood Station.
All of these maneuvers are dangerous and are happening dozens of times each day at each location
Trees in Aroha Tce have now been inspected by an arborist; this  occurred before the recent failure of one of the trees. The report will be available soon.
Millswood Cres; trees from Ravensthorpe to Ormonde will be inspected by an arborist to assess the health of the trees and to see if any need replacing.
Princess Margaret shade structure has been temporarily repaired. Staff are waiting for confirmation about it’d heritage status before repairing he structure.
Oakley Ave-Traffic and Parking Investigation has resulted in few residents supporting the proposal to restrict parking. This outcome, given the residents and not the cyclists were consulted, is not surprising. However, given that the Greenways Project will link Chelmsford Ave and Victoria St within the rail corridor the urgency for this action is diminished. With all crossings at the railway line in Victoria St unavailable  (Jan 2013-Oct 2013) while the lines are being upgraded this will also reduce the chance of conflict with cars as fewer people will have a need to use Oakley Ave.
Rat Running via Selkirk Ave; A resident asked me to investigate this as cars are using Forest Ave, Selkirk Ave, Aroha Tc and then under the tram overpass to access Everard Park. The statistics show the volume of traffic has reduced form 540 movements/day to 435 m/d over the last 3 years. It is possible that the number diminished even further after the give way at Aroha Tce was reversed and now there seems to be more. I can’t get the numbers for each year. However, this is considered a very low volume of traffic.

Tonight Councillors have another breifing from DPTI, hopefully I will have an accurate update tomorrow.