30 August 2022

Black Forest trees saved


The government has today announced the purchase of a property in Winifred St, Black Forest. Residents have raised their concerns over a number of months, since the property was put on the market. Luckily, it failed to sell at auction giving time for the government to make this decision. It would not have happened without the hard work of resident, Kate Hubmayer and the local member, Jayne Stimson. The property will be subdivided so that about half can be resold for residential housing and the back half incorporated into Black Forest Primary School's reserve. The regulated grey box trees will be preserved. It is my understanding that these trees are the only remnants of vegetation that remain in Black Forest.

24 August 2022

Art trails in Unley



This initiative is a major project which documents the outstanding contributions artists have made to our public realm gallery for well over 20 years. While the list is not exhaustive, this brochure acknowledges well over 25 major individual and collective commissions Council has undertaken.

Divided up in to murals, sculptures and public art walking trails, this brochure gives the community the opportunity to find public art on their doorstep and then just beyond!

This brochure is available at all our Council facilities, online and also part of our suite of maps on the IZI.travel app. More information here.

18 August 2022

Parking strategy developing

 Let’s have a conversation about parking!

Working with the Shaping Unley Community Panel, we have created a 'Shaping Unley Parking Conversation Guide' which includes parking ideas, decision-making principles and community engagement improvements.
We now want to test this Conversation Guide with you. Do you support its ideas and principles? Please read the Guide and give us your feedback at yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/city-wide-parking-strategy by Friday 2 September.
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